‘Parenthood’ Spoilers: Season 6 Brings Big News, Big Trip As ‘Mortality’ Storyline Draws Near

The final season of NBC’s Parenthood begins Thursday night, and fans are both excited and worried. It has been made clear that this will be an emotional season, and there are hints of what types of storylines lie ahead. What can viewers expect to see during this final 13-episode ride with the Bravermans? Some Parenthood spoilers are available, and fans won’t want to miss them.

The Season 6, Episode 1 show is titled simply “Vegas,” and it seems things start off on a fun note. The Parenthood spoiler synopsis via TV Guide indicates that Zeek and Sarah will go to Las Vegas together to celebrate Papa Braverman’s birthday. Fans can only imagine the fun these two will manage to have.

However, it’s not all fun and Vegas games. Amber is pregnant, and Kristina and Adam are pushing hard to have their charter school ready to open. Things are still tense between Julia and Joel, as a Parenthood spoiler preview via the show’s Facebook page indicates. Will these two make their way back to one another before the show ends? It is said that there will be a “true resolution” regarding their relationship, but fans will have to stay tuned to see just what that means..

While Adam and Kristina are pouring themselves into this new school, it seems Max isn’t interested. TV Guide’s Parenthood spoiler clip shows that Max has strong opinions about his education, and it doesn’t seem that Chambers Academy fits into those plans at all. Max thinks that homeschooling and hanging out with Hank is all he really needs at this point.

In terms of the final season of the show, fans definitely need to brace themselves. Showrunner Jason Katims says via The Hollywood Reporter that the Bravermans will deal with mortality this season. Though this topic was addressed to an extent with Kristina’s cancer battle, apparently whatever is coming next is even more heartbreaking.

Katims says that there will be a “very emotional” final scene, and many are afraid that either Zeek or Camille may die at some point this season. Katims indicates that there is a potential loss, but he doesn’t confirm an actual death, it seems.

How long will fans have to wait for this potential loss? Katims notes that whatever happens is something that affects everybody through the entire season, so it sounds as if the development will happen relatively early during this 13-episode run.

As for how the show ends, Katims shares Parenthood spoilers that the final scene is a great one that is emotional, yet gives closure and a glimpse to the future of where the characters are headed. The final season will cover about a year in the life of the Bravermans, so there is a time jump around the middle of this final run. All of the usuals, including Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, and Dax Shepherd, are back, and fans can’t wait to dive in to it all.

Where will things end with the Bravermans when the series finale of Parenthood airs? Hopefully things will be more happy than sad, but longtime fans know to expect a bit of both. Tune in to Season 6 of Parenthood airing Thursday nights on NBC as the final 13 episodes play out for fans.

[Image via NBC]