Missouri Police Wear ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets In Ferguson

A photo recently posted to Instagram purports to show a bracelet stating “I Am Darren Wilson” on the wrist of a police officer at a demonstration held for shooting victim Michael Brown on Tuesday in Ferguson, Missouri.

The image was posted by MediaBlackOutUSA, who claimed in the caption that the bracelet was on the wrist of a Ferguson police officer. As Buzzfeed notes, Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson acknowledged the bracelets during a Wednesday press conference. Though he asserted he would speak to the agencies whose officers were wearing them, he did not identify the specific police forces involved.

“I think that was not a statement of law enforcement,” Johnson said. “I think wearing that was an individual statement.”

As the Daily Mail notes, a grand jury is currently determining whether Darren Wilson should face charges in the shooting of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen whose death sparked violent protests. While their decision isn’t expected until mid-October, the Justice Department is also investigating the events in Ferguson.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, meanwhile, released a taped apology through a communications firm, The Devin James Group, which has been working with the City of Ferguson since Mid-August, according to Slate. In the video, which was posted to Vimeo, Jackson apologized to Michael Brown’s family for leaving his body in the street for an extended period of time following his death, a fact that added to protesters’ outrage. Jackson also apologized to peaceful protesters in Ferguson who believe their constitutional right to protest was not upheld.

Earlier this week, a roadside memorial erected for Michael Brown caught on fire and burned, sparking a fresh wave of protests, as The Inquisitr noted. Just hours after the incident occurred, local officials decided to cancel the annual Ferguson Music Festival, citing security and safety concerns.

At least one business was broken into during the renewed protests, while two officers were injured. One person was arrested by Ferguson police for inciting a riot, while four others were charged with failure to disperse.

“We cannot have nights like last night,” Johnson stated.

Johnson asserted that if it was necessary, he would deploy police in riot gear to quell further protests in Ferguson.

[Image via MediaBlackOutUSA/ Instagram]

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