Zach Rance’s ‘Big Brother 16’ Backyard Interview: Fan Favorite Praises Derrick, Donny And Frankie In Energetic Clip

Big Brother 16 star Zach Rance may not have won big cash prizes this season, but fans still love him. After Wednesday night’s finale, he did a backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder, and fans will not want to miss the highlights. What great stuff came up during Zach and Jeff’s chat?

Zach Rance’s backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder really was exactly what fans would expect it to be. Clearly Jeff and Zach are two peas in a pod in many senses and they got along fabulously. The video, uploaded to YouTube by user Big Brother Super Fan, showcased Rance in a new pink hat. As CBS shares, Frankie was quick to share that Frankie’s sister Ariana Grande made sure he got a new one so it looks like now he’s got a spare.

The BB16 star says he’s honored to have made it to the top three for “America’s Favorite Houseguest,” and he seems sincere when he says that if he couldn’t get it, he’s thrilled that Donny Thompson got it. Zach shares that he even gave Donny his shirt to wear, apparently to bring him good luck in the “AFH” vote. It certainly seems to have worked.

Despite not winning the big money, Rance clearly had a blast doing Big Brother 16. He says he’s glad Derrick Levasseur won, and he had planned to vote for him all along. Rance also praises Derrick for fooling everybody, and he says he has a lot of respect for the new BB16 winner.

Zach’s favorite moments this season include throwing out Froot Loops when he was evicted along with tearing into both Devin and Amber at various points. He says he absolutely has patched things up with Frankie and it sounds like he’s angling hard for a chance to do The Amazing Race with Grande. BB16 fans would love to see it happen, and of course there’s a precedent there with Rachael Reilly and Brandon Villegas doing it a couple of times, along with Jeff and Jordan Lloyd having done the show.

While Rance may not know exactly what will happen next for him, it seems pretty clear that there is more to come. Fans aren’t ready for him to go away, and it seems clear he aspires to do more television. Many BB16 fans expect to see him on another reality TV show or hosting something in some capacity. Zach Rance may not have won Big Brother 16 or the “America’s Favorite Houseguest” competition, but he clearly won the hearts of many fans.

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