Donny Thompson’s ‘Big Brother 16’ Backyard Interview: ‘America’s Favorite Houseguest’ Overwhelmed By Fan Love

Donny Thompson of Big Brother 16 may not have won the top prize this season, but he did win the title of “America’s Favorite Houseguest.” After the big finale, Jeff Schroeder chatted with Donny in the backyard, and fans loved the interview. What did he reveal?

It’s pretty clear that despite winning the $25,000 tied to “America’s Favorite Houseguest” on Big Brother 16, Donny Thompson doesn’t quite realize what an impact he made this season with fans. Though some are bantering on social media that they’re disappointed in him, many more are sticking by him and love him more than ever. Donny’s interview really was exactly what fans would hope and expect to see from him.

YouTube user Big Brother Super Fan uploaded Donny Thompson’s BB16 backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder. Thompson starts out by sharing that he was told he had been trending on Twitter, though he admits to Jeff that he doesn’t really understand what Twitter is, never mind trending and hashtags. He is floored to learn he’s become one of the most well-liked houseguests ever, and it seems he’s both excited and humbled by it. As CBS News noted, Donny got an inkling of the fan base he built when he was in the bathroom. It seems a guy who was about 40-years-old practically turned into a 12-year-old school girl when he had the chance to meet Donny.

Donny says that he’s happy with the outcome, even though he voted for Cody over Derrick. Thompson explains that, early in the Big Brother 16 game, he had a moment with Cody where they bonded. Donny was impressed with Cody, and said that if Cody made it to the finals and Donny was in the jury, he’d vote for him. Thompson notes that he never told any other houseguest they would have his vote, and he stood by his word.

A funny moment came when Jeff completely forgot Victoria’s name. As many suspect, Donny indicated that either Cody or Derrick would have beat her. Many BB16 fans think Cody made a big mistake when he stuck with the Hitmen over taking Victoria, as he probably could have won.

Luckily, fans who love this BB16 houseguest will still get to see him in some future projects. He’s already got a guest gig lined up for The Bold and the Beautiful, and he made mention of the fact that some other opportunities have come along already. Did fans make the right choice in awarding Donny Thompson the Big Brother 16“America’s Favorite Houseguest” honor?

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