Katie Couric A Bully, ‘Terrorized’ Co-Host Ann Curry On ‘Today’ Show

Former Today show co-host Katie Couric appears to be a perky, sweet woman, but according to a tell-all book written by Sheila Weller, Couric is a bully when she is off-camera. Radar Online reports that the book, The News Sorority, states that prior to Couric’s departure from the NBC morning show in 2006, she terrorized former news anchor Ann Curry.

The book alleges that Couric constantly criticized Curry’s clothing choices and wasn’t shy about voicing her negative opinions. Katie openly “slammed” Curry’s style right to her face, throwing the Ann “off balance” before she went on set to do the morning news.

Curry wasn’t the only victim of Couric’s alleged bullying. Weller writes that in 2006, when Katie became the CBS Evening News anchor, she brought her nasty behavior with her.

“She would look at someone and say, ‘I really think you’re clever, but why is your script so horrible?'”

Radar Online reports that Weller’s sources said Katie was “mean” and no one was safe from “her zinging.” The Chicago Tribune’s review of the book states that there was “not lot of camaraderie in general” between Katie Couric and any of her co-workers.

Couric, who married financier John Molner in June, wasn’t kind to rivals on competing news shows either, including former Good Morning America co-host, Diane Sawyer. The book tells of Couric giving “serious shade” to Sawyer when she scored high-profile interviews before Katie did. Weller writes that Couric got so angry at Sawyer that she was allegedly overheard saying, “I wonder who she blew this time” to get the story.

It’s been several years since Katie Couric left Today, but Weller’s book claims that her former co-workers haven’t forgotten any of the insults and jabs that reportedly happened on and off the morning news set. Rumors that Katie wanted her job back at NBC didn’t thrill the network’s producers, with a producer telling The News Sorority author, “no one wanted Katie to come back.”

Couric is currently working as a global news anchor for Yahoo News. Curry, who was dumped as the Today show co-host in 2012, is a reporter for NBC Nightly News.

Are you surprised to hear that Katie Couric may not be as sweet as she appears on television?

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