WWE News: 3 Top WWE Superstars Set To Return By WrestleMania Season

In WWE, you never know when your career will be done. Some pro-wrestlers are at the top of their field, and then one injury ends it all or contributes to the end of their career. People such as Magnum T.A. got hurt randomly, and boom, their career was over. Magnum was said to be one of the brightest young stars of his time, and according to many, he would have gone down as one of the best. One accident ended it all, and it wasn’t even inside a wrestling ring. So it should come as no surprise that WWE Superstars today like to take advantage of the time they have. It could all be over soon, so why not?

People such as Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan went down with injuries and complications. Bryan needed a neck surgery that was said to be a minor procedure, but it soon turned into a nightmare. He healed slowly and had major complications, which has sidelined him ever since. Roman Reigns had a random hernia that he had to remove, causing him to be out for months. Naturally, both men never wanted to go down, but in some eras, this could have been the end for them both.

Thankfully, due to the medical technology of our time, both men are healing as well they possibly can. This has led to WWE feeling that both men can be back by January, just in time for WrestleMania season. Reigns was said to be on-track to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 31. Obviously, the random hernia surgery made WWE freak out a bit. Thankfully, doctors feel that Reigns will be back by either December or January, which is just in time for his run to Mania.

Bryan Mania

Daniel Bryan is said to be healing better than he was, and has gained back the lost strength in his arm through extensive rehabilitation. It was originally thought that Bryan would have to get yet another surgery, this time a Tommy John surgery. Bryan’s UCL was giving him issues (the UCL is a the arm’s primary restraint from stress on the elbow). Because he had lost strength, and even some use with his arm due to the neck issue and then surgery, doctors considered the move. However, the UCL among other areas seem to be doing better.

Many feel that Bryan could be back by November. However, there is speculation that WWE would want to bring him back early 2015. It is uncertain what role WWE would be setting him up for upon his return, but many feel that his storyline with The Authority would continue.

Another WWE Superstar set for a comeback by January is Dave Batista. Batista left the company months ago to promote Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel/Disney film based on the comic of the same name. Batista played Drax the Destroyer. A lot of critics have praised his performance as well as the movie. Guardians, like many superhero films before it, turned into a blockbuster this summer.

Batista WWE

Batista has been doing a lot of press for the film, and he is said to be working on more projects with Disney/Marvel for Guardians-related material. Drax is said to be part of the third Avengers film, but this film is not scheduled to be out for several years.

Due to his success in Hollywood, Batista is planning to be making his “farewell run” with WWE in 2015. So it is very possible that Dave will be done with wrestling after WrestleMania 31. Whether he decides to come back afterwards is another case entirely, but speculation is that he is done after this run. He has had major success in Hollywood with Guardians, so he has to take advantage of that now or risk not having a movie future at all.

His last run didn’t go as he wanted it to, and that wasn’t really his fault. Rather, it was the way he was booked when he came back. Seriously, winning the Rumble and getting a shot to main event after being gone for four years? How are fans suppose to respond to that? Batista needs to be scheduled well if his next run is his last. Fans want to like Batista, but people cannot if he is put in the same position as he was last time. So WWE has to book him to the best of their abilities. If they do this well, Batista may want to come back down the line, similar to how The Rock has.

At the end of the day, WWE is happy to have three men coming back to the company who can help them in the present and in the future. At the end of the day, that is obviously a good thing. WrestleMania 31 already has the potential to be stacked, so the hope is that the three men can make it the best WrestleMania possible.

[IMG Credits: RantLifestyle.com, WWE.com]