World Cup Star Denies Murdering Rapper As Part Of Ritual Sacrifice

Asamoah Gyan, a soccer player who participated in this summer’s World Cup for Ghana, has been forced to deny that he killed a rapper as part of a ritual sacrifice.

This bizarre allegation emerged after it was reported that Castro, a rapper renowned across Africa, and his girlfriend, Janet Bandu, disappeared after riding off on jet-skis while on holiday with Gyan. The trio had visited the southern Ghanian resort of Ada together when the tragedy happened.

Authorities have yet to locate their bodies, which then sparked speculation that Gyan had sold Castro’s corpse in order for it to be used in a black magic ritual.

The entire incident began on July 4, when Gyan, who previously played for the English Premier League side, Sunderland, but who now plays his trade for UAE side Al Ain, paid for a large group of his friends to visit the Aqua Safari Resort on holiday. The very next night, the posse moved to the nearby Peace Holiday Resort, and Castro played a concert where Gyan was in attendance.

However, on July 6, Casto and Bandu decided to take a ride on a jet ski and they haven’t been seen since. It has now been over 80 days since their disappearance and Gyan’s lawyer, Kiss Agyabeng, told a press conference on Wednesday that the group conducted a search but only came across an unmanned jet ski, which is when police were contacted.


Agyabeng thanked all of the well-wishes that have been sent the way of the group during this difficult time, but he then launched a tirade against the media that criticized reports Gyan had either murdered Castro, had him kidnapped, or sacrificed his spirit in order to enhance his soccer career.

“Sadly, the expression of empathy during a person’s moment of grief and utter dismay does not sell in the media. What sells in the media, and what indeed sold and is still selling in the media in Ghana are wild allegations and rumours directed especially at Asamoah Gyan – ranging from the absurd – of the imputation of criminality to him in the sense that he either murdered Castro or had him kidnapped – and ending with the ludicrous – that he sacrificed him spiritually to enhance his career.”

Agyabeng insisted that no-one knows what has happened to both Castro and Bandu, but he revealed that neither of them wore a life jacket when they went out on the jet-ski and they’re still praying that they’ll return home safely.

[Image via Zimbio]