‘Forbes’ Fires Columnist For ‘Drunk Female Guests Are Gravest Threat’ To Frats Piece

Forbes contributor Bill Frezza was fired for a piece he titled Drunk Female Guests Are The Gravest Threat To Fraternities, which was posted on Tuesday for a short time and quickly taken down by the magazine. Even though the article was deleted, there is a cached copy still available here.

What was supposed to be a click-bait, according to the author, ended up costing him his job. And if you just read the title, Frezza is basically blaming “drunken females” for all that goes wrong with college fraternities.

The Daily News reports the columnist was sacked by Forbes, which is one of the most respected publications out there. But on Tuesday, the self proclaimed President of The Beta Foundation, the house corporation for the Chi Phi fraternity at MIT, went a bit too far.

“Mr. Frezza’s post was removed from Forbes.com almost immediately after he published it,” Forbes spokesperson Mia Carbonell told the Daily News. “Mr. Frezza is no longer a contributor to Forbes.com.”

In an email, the fired Forbes contributor, says that the publication had every right to can him because the article’s subject didn’t fit the site’s politics section and that the photo used for the piece “was in poor taste.” However, Frezza stands by his controversial words.

“Most people have no idea what is going on on college campuses these days due to the ill-advised raising of the drinking age from 18 to 21, forcing so much of it to go underground.”

“I have complete confidence that the men at the fraternity I mentor will always comport themselves properly. Any woman on campus knows that she is safe in our house, which is perhaps why some choose to behave with such reckless abandon.”

“You have no idea what a predicament this has put our colleges and well behaved fraternities in. Unless and until we begin holding individuals accountable for their own behavior, and not institutions, my headline says it all.”

In his piece, the fired Forbes contributor tries warn his boys against the dangerous “drunk female students.”

“In our age of sexual equality, why drunk female students are almost never characterized as irresponsible jerks is a question I leave to the feminists. But it is precisely those irresponsible women that the brothers must be trained to identify and protect against, because all it takes is one to bring an entire fraternity system down.”

Frezza recommends that frat boys not let in those dangerous “drunken females,” no matter how much they flirt or how pretty they are, unless they want a “false accusation of rape months after the fact triggered by regrets over a drunken hook-up, or anger over a failed relationship” which could destroy the fraternity.

What do you think about the article that resulted in Forbes firing this contributor?

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