Teresa Giudice Hoping To ‘Rebuild Image’ By Divorcing Scam-Artist Husband

Teresa Giudice is days away from a court hearing that could change her life forever. As most people already know, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is facing over two years in prison after she and her husband, Joe Giudice, committed tax and mortgage fraud. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Teresa is prepared to divorce her scam-artist husband if he is sent to jail on October 2. She, of course, is planning on getting off with just probation and/or house arrest.

“Teresa is hoping to rebuild her image by divorcing Joe Giudice and putting some distant between herself and her hubby, and Bravo is already salivating over the new storyline. Nobody wanted to see crooked Teresa Giudice, so they think that portraying her as a victim, and single mom of [four] children on house arrest will give the reality TV show the ratings boost it needs.”

Teresa Giudice released a statement this week, saying that she was staying focused on her upcoming court date which she referred to as “the most important day of [her] life.” The reality star has also been busy meeting with realtors and trying to get not one, but three properties sold. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Teresa and Joe have listed their Montvale, New Jersey, mansion for sale for $3.99 million. They have also listed their beach house for $315,000, and a third house (that Teresa purchased back in 2005) for $179,000. It is unknown how much money the couple will net from these sales (pending the homes actually sell), but sources say that there is little to no equity in any of their properties.

Teresa and Joe have plans to downsize, mainly because they won’t be able to afford living in their huge mansion after court. Even if neither of them are sent to jail, attorney and court fees might just put them over the edge financially. However, don’t think for a minute that Teresa is considering a modest four-bedroom raised ranch. The first house the reality star looked at was a $1.4 million, 8,800 square foot home.

Teresa Giudice isn’t going to have an easy time going forward, that is for sure. The luxurious lifestyle simply has to end in order for her to right herself and keep her family in the positive. After recently filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, sources tell Radar Online that Teresa will be lucky to afford a three bedroom condo… which would certainly be a far cry from what she is used to.

Do you have any sympathy for Tre?

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