Michael Weatherly Weight Loss: ‘NCIS’ Actor Debuts 35-Pound Weight Loss, Credits Swimming

Michael Weatherly showed off his recent weight loss and credits his slim down to swimming. According to Yahoo! News, the NCIS star dropped 35 pounds over the past four months or so. Like many people who are trying to get in shape, Michael teamed up with a friend and got into a routine. It wasn’t easy, but after a couple of weeks, everything worked out — and now his commitment has totally paid off.

“My friend and I have been swimming in the Pacific every weekend [since early May], and I lost 35 pounds!” Weatherly said during a recent interview. He was very committed to his new exercise routine, and he says that he also learned a lesson about being on time. “I learned that if you say you’re meeting someone at 8 a.m. on a Sunday, you have to show up,” he said.

Michael Weatherly’s recent weight loss has him doing other things to challenge himself. The 46-year-old recently completed a triathlon, something that he checked off of his list of “things to do before you die.”

According to MStarz, Weatherly has been keeping his fans up to date on his training and weight loss all summer. He often posts updates on social media, and it is beyond clear that he is proud of himself — and he should be. He definitely looked great before, but now he is in even better shape — and he is feeling great, which is, perhaps, more important.

Back in 2012 Weatherly did an interview with Details Magazine where he expressed his love of running. “Being in motion, suddenly my body was busy and so my head could work out some issues I had swept under a carpet of wine and cheese. Good therapy, that’s a good run,” he said. Running is not only great exercise, but it’s also therapeutic for many people — just as Weatherly suggests.

Aside from Michael Weatherly’s weight loss, he is very excited to be back on television for yet another season of NCIS. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Weatherly is super pumped for his on-screen character, Tony Dinozzo. He says that his character is going to have the best time ever this season. The actor also mentioned recently that he misses working with actress Cote de Pablo. Apparently there is a chance that she could return — since she wasn’t killed off the show. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

[Photo courtesy of TV Guide]