Jessica Simpson Finds Weight Criticism Empowering

Jessica Simpson’s weight has been at the center of controversy for years. First it was how Simpson was simply too skinny during her Dukes of Hazzard days, and years later she was coming under fire for gaining too much weight while pregnant with her first child.

Being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers caused a bit of a stir, when, around the same time, Simpson announced she was pregnant with her second child. While she took a hiatus from Weight Watchers, it was heavily speculated that the powers that be weren’t thrilled with Simpson’s second pregnancy.

That said, after marrying longtime boyfriend Eric Johnson, and being a mother to two beautiful children, Simpson is not worried about the criticism over her weight. While she did a lot to slim down and is still a part of Weight Watchers, she finds the criticism to be empowering.

During an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Simpson delved into her personal life by catching Lauer up on how she’s feeling after settling into motherhood.

“I’m doing amazing. I really am. It’s the most amazing time!”

After holding off on her wedding to Johnson, Simpson said of the decision to wed on July 4, “Well, we had two babies. We figured, why not?”

Those two kids are 2-year-old daughter Maxwell and 14-month-old son Ace. With both taking traits from mom and dad, it seems like Simpson really has it all.

As for those critics about her weight? As stated, Simpson isn’t taking anyone up to task. Of the criticism, she said it “empowered me to rise above and stand up for all the women out there that do have trouble losing the weight.”

She continued, “It wasn’t really my priority to please the public and make them feel like I’m supposed to be looking like I did when I was 25.”

That said, Simpson isn’t acting like she was always okay with the criticisms. She admitted that, at times, it was tough.

“I’m not saying they didn’t hurt. I have feelings and hormones. I got emotional about it at times, but if anything I just kind of wanted to be a champion for other women and say, ‘We can do this.'”

These days, Jessica has a lot to celebrate. Not only is she a mom, a successful spokesperson, and the mastermind of a huge multimillion dollar empire, she was also present at her sister Ashlee’s wedding. Ashlee wed Diana Ross’ son Evan Ross in a ceremony on August 31.

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