‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Aprea Thanks Dina Manzo: ‘Finally Someone With A Brain’

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Aprea may have signed on to film the show with the intention of having fun with her twin sister, Nicole Napolitano. However, it didn’t take long for an ugly rumor to surface, thanks to Victoria Gotti. Just a few episodes into the season, Gotti asked Amber Marchese and Teresa Giudice to come over to her house, where she dropped a bomb.

Victoria claimed that Teresa Aprea’s husband, Rino Aprea, had admitted to her that he had cheated on Teresa with her own mother, Santa. The family was in pure shock, and it took a while for Teresa and Nicole to even issue a statement about the accusation. And it sounds like Teresa has been surprised at how the other ladies have handled the rumor.

According to a Bravo report, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Aprea is thanking Dina Manzo in how she handled the news. Dina didn’t jump in the bandwagon and believe the rumor when Teresa Giudice told her about it.

“I must start off with kudos to Dina. Yes! Finally someone with a brain! I also called Dina and thanked her for making sense of complete nonsense,” Teresa Aprea reveals, adding that this is the first housewife to really question the rumor on television.

“Three key points she made: First, as soon as she heard the rumor from Teresa Giudice, she said, “I don’t believe that at all.” Second, “It didn’t happen.” And third, Dina’s comment in her interview was that she was more offended that someone would talk about someone’s mother.

“Thank you, Dina,” Teresa Aprea writes in response to Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa Aprea has revealed that she is very disappointed with how Giudice handled the rumor. She believed it, and decided to talk to both Dina Manzo and Amber Marchese about it, instead of going to Aprea with it. And Aprea has expressed an extreme disappointment in Giudice, as she thought they were friends.

According to The Inquisitr, Teresa Aprea has been trying to squash the rumors by talking about how happy she is with her husband. She also posted a touching message to her mother on Twitter shortly after the story broke. Teresa and her husband, Rino, have not full-out denied the affair, but they have said that the story has hurt the family tremendously. Whether it is true or not, this story has left some scars.

What do you think of Teresa Aprea thanking Dina for her support?

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