Teresa Aprea Gives Loving Shout-Out To Mother Amidst Rumors Of Affair

Teresa Aprea may have agreed to film The Real Housewives of New Jersey with the goal of having fun with her twin sister, Nicole Napolitano, but she quickly learned that the claws come out, when people want to create some drama. Aprea may have thought that she had nothing to hide, but just a few episodes into this season, she and her family were in the middle of a scandal.

Victoria Gottia revealed that Teresa Aprea’s husband Rino had told her that he had cheated with Teresa’s mother. The timeline for this supposed affair remains sketchy, but there are rumors that it happened while they were split up, or was the reason they got divorced in the first place. Teresa Aprea and Rino have since remarried.

According to a new tweet, Teresa Aprea is now fighting these horrible rumors with a loving shout-out to her mother, showing that there is no bad blood between them.

“Best mom in the whole entire world #Blessed #Grateful,” wrote Teresa’s twin sister on Twitter, while sharing a picture of the two daughters kissing their mother on the cheek. Aprea herself retweeted that message over the weekend. It is no secret that this rumored affair has rattled the family. This week, Teresa Aprea decided to share her thoughts in general on negative stories.

“How often gossip n condemnation have robbed one of the abundance n harmony of a charmed life!” she tweeted.

Teresa Aprea and her husband have not released an official statement denying the affair. According to The Inquisitr, Nicole addressed the affair but didn’t deny it outright. Instead, she slammed her co-stars for talking about other people’s parents. Rino himself has not said much either, but the family has revealed that such an accusation has hurt. Perhaps, the sisters don’t want to start another public fight by bringing this rumored affair up in the press.

Even though Teresa Aprea and her sister signed on to do the show with the goal of having fun, rumor has it that they have decided to quit the show over this accusation. Since filming may have wrapped already, the women just need to film the reunion. But given how everything went down with the rumored affair, chances are that they won’t be returning next season.

Do you think Teresa Aprea’s shout-out to her mother is the right way to handle this rumor? Or should she issue an official statement with her husband to put this issue to rest?

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