Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Has No Idea What ‘November Rain’ Music Video Was About

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash had something strange to say about the band’s epic nine minute ballad “November Rain.” He says he has no idea what the music video was about.

Part of the Use Your Illusion I album, “November Rain” was best known for its emotional impact. Its music video was full of imagery surrounding a wedding where the bride appears to be unhappy or nervous about the union. This was driven home by a scene of a Jesus statue “crying” blood.

Another scene shows her looking away from the crowd as her smile fades momentarily. After the reception party gets rained out to the words “nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain,” the scene changes to a funeral with the bride now in the coffin. This could indicate she wasn’t happy with the marriage and killed herself to escape it.

It seems the Guns N’ Roses music video for “November Rain” was up to interpretation, and Slash may have been under the influence of too many drugs to remember much. The band’s guitarist told the media in an interview that it felt more like a movie than a music video.

“You know what?! To tell you the truth, I have no idea. Well, it was a concept. The song itself is pretty self-explanatory, but the video is so complex. And I remember when Axl was writing it, it just became … It was so epic, it was like a movie. And I, not being a huge videos and making videos especially, I just showed up for my scenes. I [would] write my own scene and [I would indicate what I wanted to] do in my section. I never paid attention to the rest of the whole production. So at the end of the day, I never really knew … I knew there was a wedding in there somewhere and I was not into the concept of the wedding.”

Apparently Slash didn’t really want to film a wedding and possibly didn’t care enough to pay attention. He certainly gave his all when it came to the guitar solos, however.

Guns N Roses’ main counterparts Slash and Axl haven’t spoken in 18 years, ever since the guitarist left the band. The tension between them allegedly became so bad that Slash has cut down any rumors of the band’s reunion.

“What’s clear is that one of the two of us will die before a reunion and however sad, ugly or unfortunate anyone views it, it is how it is.”

What do you think of Slash’s confessions about the “November Rain” music video, and the possibility shot down for a Guns N’ Roses reunion?

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