Jennifer Lopez: Vegan Diet And Big Booty Bootcamp Basics [Video]

Jennifer Lopez is on fire – or at least her big booty is. Those hot glossy buns that shook, tweaked and twerked in her latest viral video didn’t come naturally, however. Now the trainer to Jennifer Lopez is telling all the secrets to getting your own perfect posterior, reported the Daily Mail on Sept. 22. And you can swoon over the results in the video below.

Best known for training Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson works with J Lo for an hour a day. The regime involves 30 minutes of toning and 30 minutes of cardio activity. Tracy designed it to give Jennifer more energy while defining her derriere.

So what’s it like working with J Lo? Iggy Azalea says it’s awesome, telling E News on Sept. 22 that it was “surreal.” And she’s not surprised at the success.

“I did [expect the video to blow up], but only because I’m a massive fan of Jennifer and, you know, to me she’s iconic, so I think anything she does deserves to be spoken about,” Iggy said loyally. And she emphasized how kind her idol is in real life.

I thought that she would be like a super-diva, and she was so down to earth and lovely and she didn’t have a crazy ride or anything extra. She just got on with it and she was so sweet, and I feel like I’ve gained a friend out of our collaboration. And I had a very surreal moment filming the video with her because she’s somebody that I’ve sung her music back in cars with friends and in bedroom mirrors over the years.

As for her diet, Jennifer Lopez is all about going vegan. She lost 10 pounds, slipping from a size four to a size two, according to Us Weekly. In addition to going meat-free and dairy-free, J Lo gave up gluten. A sample day of food includes gluten-free millet cereal with bananas, blueberries, and almond milk. She eats kale salad with red peppers at noon. And her dinner features zucchini pasta with tomatoes and vegan cheese.

No cheats? No need, because Jennifer eats 22 Day’s vegan Cherry Chocolate Bliss Bars.

[Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images]