‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Many Major Characters Will Die During Season 5 [Video]

Fans of The Walking Dead have a reason to start getting really worried. Daryl Dixon fans might riot, Gleggie lovers might shed a few tears, and Bethyl shippers might have their hearts broken before Season 5 is over.

The biggest question The Walking Dead fans have about Season 5 is this: Who will survive, and who will die? Every viewer has their favorite characters, and a recent TV Line spoiler makes it sound like none of these characters will be safe when the show returns.

According to Michael Ausiello, there will be more major character deaths than there were last season.

“You know how last season the major-character-body-count was relatively low? That will not be the case in Season 5.”

So, like it or not, some of the survivors aren’t going to survive Season 5. It’s safe to say that Rick will be safe, but everyone else is probably fair game. The Spoiling Dead Fans has been following the filming of The Walking Dead closely, and there a few hints about who might die.

On The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, one commenter listed the main characters who haven’t been spotted on The Walking Dead set recently.

“Look, they’re filming episode 12 or 13 now and all the actors have been seen on set as of the other day with the exception of Bob (who hasn’t been seen in months) Beth (who also hasn’t been on set in over a month) Tyreese (who hasn’t been seen in weeks) and Gareth. Do you really think they are this far into the season and nobody has died. Think about it.”

The Spoiling Dead Fans also reported that Tyreese was last spotted filming on August 27. The character was covered in blood and being carried out of a building by Rick and Glenn. To make matters worse, a recent teaser for The Walking Dead shows Tyreese trapped and surrounded by walkers.

Beth was kidnapped, so she might get killed by whoever she was captured by, and Bob might die trying to be a hero — he probably still feels guilty for being partly responsible for the death of Beth’s boyfriend. Gareth is one of the Termites and can’t be trusted, so he’ll likely meet his demise doing something devious.

The characters that get killed off will obviously have to be replaced with fresh meat. Screencrush reports that Seth Gilliam will play comic book character Father Gabriel, and Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler Williams is also joining the cast as an unknown character. He was spotted filming scenes with Beth and Daryl.

Even if The Spoiling Dead Fans commenter is right about the characters who have been killed off so far, this doesn’t mean that the remaining survivors are safe — there’s still plenty of filming time left for the death count to grow. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Norman Reedus even has Daryl Dixon’s final scene all planned out.

The Season 5 trailer for The Walking Dead was recently released, and there’s a lot going on in the 30-second video. Flaming walkers make a zombie flambé (zombé?), and it sounds like the survivors are hunting someone based on something Rick says.

“It’s not over until they’re all dead.”

Sasha also makes a foreboding comment that might reference the number of major characters that have been killed off so far.

“Three of us are gone,” she reveals. This number fits with the list above if you don’t include Gareth as a member of the group of survivors.

The Season 5 trailer shows Daryl and Carol together (there’s still hope for Caryl shippers!), and Carol points a gun at someone and shouts, “Where are they?” Abraham falls to his knees and looks distraught in one scene, and the group is show inside a church. There’s also a voice in the trailer that might be that of Father Gabriel, and it offers some chilling advice.

“If you cross any of these people, you kill them. Don’t hesitate.”

“They won’t,” Rick responds.

Many fans of The Walking Dead assumed that the cannibalistic Termites would be the survivors’ biggest threat during Season 5, but it looks like a different group of dangerous people is out there. They could be the same group that got Beth.

The Walking Dead returns on October 12 on AMC. Who do you think will be killed off during season 5?

[Image credit: AMC]