Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev Should Resign? Sorority Hazing Seen By Alleged Witness

Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev was allegedly involved in a sorority hazing incident, and now some people are saying the currently reigning Miss America should resign based upon the scandal. Worse, there are some who claim they witnessed Kazantsey being involved in the hazing directly and allege the beauty queen is lying.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Miss America Organization is supporting Kira, saying she has been “fully transparent with the Miss America Organization about her termination from the Alpha Phi sorority” at Hofstra University. Kira has responded to the allegations of sorority hazing by saying she was involved with the incident as the Recruitment Committee President for her pledge class, but denies being directly involved in making the pledge’s life a “living hell.”

“The worst of the so-called hazing was standing in a line reciting information, a few sleepless nights, and crafting. I was yelled at a few times…. I was never involved with any name-calling or use of profanity toward a girl during my time with the sorority. I was never involved in any physical hazing or any degradation of physical appearance of any kind. This has all been immensely taken out of context and manipulated purposefully because I am now in a public position.”

It’s claimed that Miss America 2015 wasn’t very remorseful in her Good Morning America interview, instead blaming the “culture of the university” for the allegations of hazing. Jezebel editor Erin Gloria Ryan claims the interview was “deliberately misleading,” and claims that since GMA interviewer Lara Spencer has a known affiliation to Miss America, it made the interview biased.

Writing on a beauty pageant forum, one user alleges to be a former Hofstra University student and claims to have personally witnessed Kira Kazantsev being directly involved in the sorority hazing scandal.

“After watching that I am disgusted by her statements. She blatantly lied to GMA and every single person watching. I was a student when Kira was also at Hofstra and I dated one of her sisters for awhile and I can say with certainty that she was in fact 100% directly involved in the hazing. The pledges were scared of her at times. Hope she loses her stupid crown cause she doesn’t deserve it…. I mean it is the truth, why would I come on a pageant site to stir up crazy sh*t? I’m not a troll. Just trying to get the truth out there seeing as Kira doesn’t value honesty. She is an evil b*tch and I have seen it with my own two eyes.”

Discussions about the GMA interview have also caused some to claim that there was a roommate of Kazantsev that was also thrown out of the sorority and that she might be able to shed light on the situation.

“The other girl who was terminated with here name was Kelly Schnitzer. They both got the boot for hazing. Common knowledge around Hofstra, truth will come out in the next few days.”

Due to these allegations, some people have created a petition that demands for Kira Kazantsev’s resignation as Miss America immediately.

“In wake of the hazing scandal, this is not what Miss America does or stands for. She needs to resign and come clean with this entire situation.”

Over on Facebook, a good number of FB users have called out the Miss America Organization, claiming they should require Kira’s resignation.

“Hazing is verbal, mental, physical abuse. In this case being a sorority, the victims are young girls who are trying to find acceptance from upper classmen that are most likely looked up to as role models. Hazing should NEVER be tolerated, no matter the caliber, and should certainly not be swept under the rug.”

What do you think about the allegations surrounding Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev?

[Image Via Newsday]