Michael Vick: Here’s Why Jets Fans Want Him To Replace Geno Smith ASAP

Michael Vick seems to now be the people’s choice for starting quarterback – especially if those people are loyal fans of the New York Jets.

The New York Jets’ season has definitely not gotten off to the great start that most Jets fans and critics expected, especially with all of the lineup changes and trades that occurred in the off-season (including the addition of Michael Vick to the team.)

However, that is not exactly what has been happening since the season began. That is one of the main reasons why the New York Jets fell to 1-2 current season record on Sunday after losing to the Chicago Bears.

It was actually the team’s loss to the Chicago Bears that spawned the conversations and criticisms online and in the press pleading for Michael Vick to replace Geno Smith as the starting quarterback.

One of the loudest voices that most people hear from the crowd of Michael Vick supporters belongs to WFAN co-host Joe Benigno. When he opened his Tuesday midday show with Evan Roberts at his side, Benigno definitely had a lot to say about how he felt more as a loyal and dedicated Jets fan than anything else.

“I’m just gonna say two words here, and then I’m gonna give it to my partner to take over from there and it will go from there,” Benigno said. “I have two words: Michael Vick. That’s all I’m gonna say. It’s time for him to start…I’ve had enough of Geno [Smith] already.”

Thanks to his on-field performance during the first three games of the season, Geno Smith is definitely not a fan favorite for most people – not just Benigno.

Focusing specifically on his game against the Chicago Bears, a positive note was that Smith was able to throw for over 310 yards (316 to be exact). However, the downside of that is he only completed 26 out of 43 of his passes. When it came to avoiding Chicago’s defense, he did not do very well in that area either – especially since Smith was sacked three times during the game.

Michael Vick should be given the opportunity to start as the quarterback and primary leader of the New York Jets for three reasons. First and foremost, it is clear that Geno Smith might not be the best qualified (at this time) for that role. Second, it is also clear that many fans and critics are eagerly anticipating the moment when Michael Vick steps on the field – ready for business and focused on turning things around for the team.

Third, the season schedule is only going to become more difficult for the New York Jets with the Lions, Chargers, Broncos and New England Patriots coming for them right around the corner. A major overhaul on the offense is required in order for them to survive that type of opposition, and Michael Vick might just be the best man for the job.

What do you think? Should the New York Jets give Michael Vick a chance to run the show?

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