Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: ‘Pilot Suicide’ Authors Strike Back In Flame War With Airline

The controversial author of a bombshell Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 exposé came under attack from the airline last week, but Ewan Wilson proved Tuesday that he can give as he gets, starting a flame war with the airline which blasted him as “clueless,” and said that his new book exploited the suffering of Flight 370 families for profit.

The Inquisitr reported on the New Zealand author’s dramatic findings on August 19, several weeks before his book, co-written with Geoffrey Taylor, was released. In the book, Goodnight Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss Of Flight 370, New Zealand native Wilson — a former head of Kiwi Airlines — argues that the Malaysian Airlines pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, himself took down the Boeing 777-200 as part of an elaborate and twisted murder-suicide plot.

In a rare public statement from the airline, which has remained largely silent regarding the Flight 370 mystery in the nearly seven months since the plane disappeared, Malaysia Airlines scoffed at Wilson and Taylor’s findings as “cheap” and castigated the authors, saying they “should be simply ashamed of themselves.”

But Wilson flamed the airline right back Tuesday with public statements of his own.

“Malaysia Airlines’ assertions that there is no evidence to support those conclusions, while advancing no explanation of their own evidence of what happened to MH370 after nearly seven months, is self-serving. The findings in our book are the result of a robust analysis of the known facts.”

Wilson’s co-author Taylor also lashed back at Malaysia Airlines, saying, “Malaysia Airlines should direct its efforts to communicating with passengers’ loved ones rather than lashing out at a constructive effort to piece together what occurred.”

Wilson himself is no stranger to controversy or adversity. The survivor of two cancer surgeries, Wilson was convicted in 1996 of fraud when he sought money to start Kiwi Airlines, a discount airline that went head-to-head with the country’s dominant carrier, Air New Zealand.

Wilson denied the charges and overcame the black mark on his record to win election to the city council in Hamilton, New Zealand, as well as to serve on a regional health board there.

He is also a trained air safety investigator, who says that he and Taylor wrote the explosive book about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 not for profit, but “to pursue the truth about what really happened — that is one small contribution we felt we could make to this whole, terrible affair.”

Malaysia Airlines has yet to respond to Wilson and Taylor’s latest statements.

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