Meteorite Hits Family Home In Paris

An egg-sized meteorite entered earths atmosphere recently and hit a home in Paris. The Comettes were on vacation when the collision occurred and they weren’t aware of what had happened until they had a leak in their roof repaired.

According to the Telegraph the family said:

“We got the roof tiler round and he was astounded,” while adding, “He said: ‘You need to be Superman to break a tile like that! It must be a meteorite.'”

The meteorite claim was soon verified and the rock was aged at nearly 4.5 billion-years-old. Scientists say the rock is from the asteroid belts located between Mars and Jupiter.

The Comettes say they will not be selling their meteorite despite the fact that they can sell for more than $1,000 per gram. According to Martine Comette:

“A piece of the history of space, of which we know nothing, but which is fascinating, has fallen on us,” while adding, “It’s like a fairytale, and less likely than winning the lottery, we’re told.”

Would you sell a meteorite if it hit your home?

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