Mayor Bloomberg Welcomes “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters To Stay “Indefinitely”

It turns out that whole “huddled masses” statement still holds partially true in New York City where Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on Monday that “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are free to stay at Zuccotti Park indefinitely.

Zuccotti Park is just a few short blocks away from Wall Street and according to New York’s Mayor:

“The bottom line is—people want to express themselves,” while he adds, “And as long as they obey the laws, we’ll allow them to.”

The announcement is a 180 degree turn for New York’s Mayor who last week spoke out against the occupiers for criticizing banks.

When asked how long he believes the protesters will stay he says:

“I think part of it has probably to do with the weather.”

In the meantime park owner Brookfield Office Properties is not offering comments after last week complaining that the parks ban on tents and sleeping bags was being ignored while sanitary conditions had already “reached unacceptable levels.”

Do you think the Occupy Wall Street protesters will remain in the city when winter conditions bring freezing temperatures, snow storms and other hazardous conditions?

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