‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 7, Episode 3 Spoilers: Jarry Makes An Impact, Juice’s Desperation Escalates

Sons of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 3 is titled “Playing With Monsters” and it airs Tuesday, September 23 on FX. Viewers have quickly discovered that Jax Teller is an entirely different man this season after Tara’s death. He is all about vengeance now, but he hasn’t been looking for it in the right places yet. What Sons of Anarchy spoilers are available for Tuesday’s episode?

Viewers will be seeing more of the new sheriff in town in “Playing With Monsters” and there are apparently some interesting interactions. Sons of Anarchy spoilers have indicated that Dep. Sheriff Althea Jarry will have a conversation with Jax, but it seems she also has an interesting scene with Chibs. Spoiler TV teases SOA spoilers that the Jarry and Chibs interaction is very interesting and lays the groundwork for other storylines to come this season.

Interestingly the site Geeks of Doom reiterates that the Jarry and Chibs scene is a key one in “Playing With Monsters.” They tease Sons of Anarchy spoilers that the scene between these two could even be called adorable, a description not frequently linked to SOA.

Other SOA spoilers for the Season 7, Episode 3 show indicate that more will be revealed about Juice’s desperation, though apparently it’s not entirely related to what viewers have been assuming. That is definitely an intriguing tease. Kurt Sutter has already revealed that the first half of the season will review a lot about Juice and what has driven him to be so on edge. Obviously it’s about betraying the club and covering for Gemma to a significant degree, but apparently there’s more to it than that.

What about Jury White? Fans know that Jury is not happy with how the incident with the Lin Triad played out in the last episode, but it looks like his way of dealing with it will move along slowly. Those expecting swift justice apparently may end up finding Jury’s approach even more terrifying. Nero is being pulled into the thick of the action this week as SAMCRO makes an important alliance and spares virtually nobody in its quest to exact revenge.

Additional Sons of Anarchy spoilers indicate there will be some mother-son bonding but it will apparently leave SOA viewers cringing more than ever. Also key to how the season moves forward, it seems, will be the scene involving Chibs in a diner. Juice is there, as Sons of Anarchy spoiler previews have shown the two talking. Chibs seems to be telling Juice he is too far gone to salvage his relationship with the club and this may well break the hearts of fans who love the brotherly bond these two have.

There’s an all-new Jax Teller in Charming and fans aren’t sure they like what they see. It seems Tuesday’s episode may slow things down just a bit and lay the groundwork for twisted relationships and big reveals coming as the rest of Season 7 plays out. Just what is Jarry up to in Charming? What is Juice’s fate?

Jax is setting plans into motion based on who he believes killed Tara, but as viewers know he’s basing his decisions off of his mother’s lies. Who will be left standing at the end of the season? Nobody is sure, but they can’t wait to find out. Tune in to the Season 7, Episode 3 show of Sons of Anarchy airing Tuesday, September 23 on FX to see just what happens next with Jax Teller, SAMCRO and the rest.

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