‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 3 Show Brings ‘Playing With Monsters’

What can fans expect from the Season 7, Episode 3 show of Sons of Anarchy? Spoilers indicate that Jax Teller will continue to go after the Chinese using whatever means possible. Is he moving too fast and making mistakes along the way though? That’s what some suspect, but it may take a while to see it all play out. The September 23 episode is titled “Playing With Monsters” and SOA fans are anxious for details.

As is the norm, Kurt Sutter isn’t spilling too much in the way of specifics ahead of this episode. Spoiler TV has posted a few Sons of Anarchy spoiler photos from the episode, and it is clear that Dep. Sheriff Althea Jarry starts to make an impact. Jarry and Jax will have a conversation, but fans will have to tune in to see just how it goes. Jarry has an agenda, but what is she truly trying to achieve? Nobody knows the answer to that one quite yet.

The synopsis for “Playing With Monsters” indicates that SAMCRO will exploit an opportunity in order to secure an important alliance. From the looks of the photos available, SAMCRO and the Niners will have some serious and productive talks. Both August Marks and Mo McRae will be seen in key moments of this episode, it appears.

The preview and cast credits at IMDb reveal Sons of Anarchy spoilers that this will be Courtney Love’s first episode this season as well. She will play Ms. Harrison, a preschool teacher of Abel’s. Some of the Diosa girls will be seen in this episode, as will Henry Lin and Jury White. As fans saw at the end of episode 2, White’s “hired muscle” that Jax slaughtered had a personal connection to the long-time ally and this likely will spell trouble for Jax and SAMCRO. However, it may take a while for that to play out.

The Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview also showed a moment of Juice and Chibs talking. As far as SAMCRO knows, Juice is hiding because he betrayed the club when it came to telling Nero the truth about Darvany’s death. Obviously, though, there’s way more to it than that. How long can Juice handle all of the pressure? It seems he reaches out to Chibs, as the two have always had a unique bond, but Chibs sticks with the club over Juice. He seems to tell Juice that he may as well finally go ahead and kill himself.

Whatever Juice’s fate is, he’ll be around for a bit. Previous Sons of Anarchy spoilers have indicated that Ortiz will live at least until the middle of season 7. After that, all bets are off. Unser is now working on the case regarding Tara’s death, and Gemma knows this. He is developing a theory about what happened and he’s seen mentioning it to Jarry. How close will he come to figuring it out, and what fate awaits him if Gemma discovers he’s finding answers?

As for Jax discovering the truth about Gemma killing Tara, TV Guide teases Sons of Anarchy spoilers that it won’t be coming soon. Kurt Sutter indicates that the tension of Gemma struggling with the guilt, remorse and lies will play out for a bit. Sutter even teases when and if Jax finds out, his reaction may well be deep and swift. Fans can’t imagine Jax not learning the truth, but it may well take until late in the season for it to happen.

Where will things stand with SAMCRO, Juice and Unser at the end of the Season 7, Episode 3 show of Sons of Anarchy? Fans will find out when “Playing With Monsters” airs on Tuesday, September 23 on FX.

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