Pizza Hut Delivery Completed By Portland, OR’s Police Force When Pizza Hut Driver Hurt

In Portland, Oregon, your Pizza Hut pizza could be served with a slice of justice.

KOIN 6 News is reporting that on September 1, Steve Huckins and wife had decided to order a pizza for the night’s dinner. The delivery person never made it to the Huckins’ house, having been in a two-car accident while on the way. Right after the accident two Portland police officers, Michael Filbert and Royce Curtiss, investigated the accident and worked the scene. During the investigation, the officers saw the pizza that didn’t originally make it to the house. The driver, who suffered neck and back injuries, expects to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Huckins called the Pizza Hut where they placed their order, asking why the second pizza was being delayed. The restaurant manager informed the couple that their pizza was in an accident, and offered to make them another pizza and hand-deliver the new pizza himself. Huckins and his wife agreed, and within 45 minutes, the new pizza had arrived.

As Huckins and his wife were sitting down to enjoy the replacement half-priced pizza, was another knock at their front door.

NBC News reports that knock was officers Filbert and Curdiss at the Huckins’ front door, pizza in hand, completing the delivery relay. Huckins proceeded to tell Officers Filbert and Curtiss that he and his wife had already called for and received a replacement pizza. Both parties agreed that the officers would keep the pizza for their dinner, when Huckins came up with the idea of getting a picture of the officers delivering the pizza.

“They turn around to leave, and I said, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa – I got to get a picture of this. No one is going to believe Portland police delivering a pizza.’ So that’s the picture everyone saw,” Huckins said.

Huckins said he sent the photo, which has gone viral, to Pete Simpson, Public Information Officer for the Portland Police Department, because he wanted to recognize the two officers for going out of their way to ensure he and his wife received their pizza.

“I wanted these officers to get a little recognition because these officers went above and beyond.”

He said he wants to recognize the efforts of the two police for going out of their way to bring dinner home.

Other than the pizza, there was no word if the officers received a tip for their due diligence.

[Image courtesy of Steve Huckins/KOIN]

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