Beyonce Bare Bump: Bey’s Bare Bump Pic Proves She Was Really Pregnant With Blue

Beyonce shared a bare bump photo in a montage that aired during her On The Run Tour special which aired on HBO last weekend — and it proves that she was actually pregnant with Blue Ivy two years ago. Since thousands of people questioned whether or not Beyonce used a surrogate and faked her pregnancy, this photo pretty much puts all of those rumors to rest. According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the photo was just one of many personal shots shared with fans — but it was, by far, the most talked about.

“The 33-year-old is standing up wearing nothing more than underwear. She’s strategically covering her chest with her hands while the rapper, 44, has his hands on her belly. He’s also leaning in and sweetly giving her a kiss.”

Jay Z Bey and Jay’s intimate photo (YouTube)

The Beyonce bare bump photo seemed to be a clear shout out to those nasty rumors, and that is something very characteristic of Jay Z and Beyonce. Neither of them post public statements or speak to the media about the crazy rumors that haunt them on a daily basis. Instead, they choose to debunk rumors in their own way — through photos. For instance, while all of those divorce rumors circulated all summer? Bey kept posting pictures of her and her husband and their daughter on Instagram.

According to Mail Online, the whole video montage seems to be a way for the power couple to let everyone know that Bey and Jay are still so “Crazy In Love.”

“They are seen enjoying themselves on many of their various vacations, riding on yachts and sipping champagne. Never before seen footage of their 2008 wedding day – including the young bride in her stunning gown – is intermixed with footage of the couple getting matching tattoos etched onto their fingers and celebrating other milestones together.”

Another Beyonce bare bump photo might be in the works too. According to The Inquisitr, Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting their second child together. The couple has given off several hints that Beyonce is pregnant. For starters, Jay Z changed the lyrics to one of his song to say, “’cause she’s pregnant with another one.” Also, a photo of Bey on stage sporting what looks like a baby bump has gone viral, pretty much convincing people that there’s a baby on board.

Do you think Bey and Jay are going to have another baby? Do you think Beyonce is already preggo?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]