Golden State Warriors Design New Arena That Looks Like A Giant Toilet

The Golden State Warriors may have a small problem with the new 18,000-seat arena they’re planning — namely that it looks like a giant toilet bowl.

The team has been trying to build a new arena on a 12-acre site, and a part of the design process the architectural firm Snøhetta released blueprints for what the site would look like. The new Warriors arena would have a plaza, two towers for office space, and an arena that looks unmistakeably like the lid of a toilet.

Within hours of the renderings hitting the web people began to notice the odd resemblance to a commode. Sports Illustrated ran an article about the toilet arena, and the strange design was a popular subject on Twitter.

The Golden State Warriors have caught wind of the toilet arena brouhaha, and reassured fans that they are far from complete in their plans.

“We are still very much in the design phase,” a Warriors spokesperson told “Detailed renderings are still to come.”

The Warriors aren’t the only Bay Area team with a toilet problem. The Oakland Coliseum has had problems with it aging and crumbing infrastructure, which more than once has left raw sewage seeping out of pipes and into locker rooms.

The Golden State Warriors added that they’re still in the process of gathering feedback on plans for the new arena. With a design that looks like a giant toilet lid, there should be no shortage of feedback for them to take in.