Dr Pepper 10 is For Men Only [Video]

Would women like a refreshing beverage with only 10 calories? Too bad. Dr Pepper’s new drink, Dr Pepper 10, is for men only.

The new ad campaign for Dr Pepper’s new soda is targeting the male audience. And apparently, men won’t drink a diet drink unless woman are excluded.

Here’s the new Dr Pepper 10 ad.

Dr Pepper’s new ad isn’t the only thing that is excluding women. It looks like the soda company doesn’t want women anywhere near its new beverage. The drink’s facebook page also features 1o Man’ments, which instruct Dr. Pepper drinkers on how to live more manly.

Here are a few of the Man’ments:

  • Though shall not OMG – If it’s not exploding it’s not exciting.
  • Though shall not pucker up – Kissy faces are never manly.
  • Though shall not post pictures of your outfit – Unless it’s battle armor and you have a gigantic sword and/or small bazooka.
  • Though shall not instagram your lunch – Real men eat their lunch, don’t tweet it.

CBS reports that Coke Zero and Pepsi Max were also aimed at men, but Dr Pepper 10 is taking a much more aggressive approach. DrPepper believes that men are dissatisfied with the image and taste of diet sodas, and they are hoping that this masculine campaign can change their minds.

Jim Trebilcock, executive vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper, said that at the very least, he hopes that the new campaign will get people talking.

Trebilcock said:

“Women get the joke. ‘Is this really for men or really for women?’ is a way to start the conversation that can spread and get people engaged in the product.”

What do you think of Dr. Pepper 10? Is it the manliest diet soda out there?

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