‘Duck Dynasty’ Willie Robertson Pulls The ‘Dad Card’ When It Comes To Sadie’s ‘DWTS’ Costumes

17-year-old Sadie Robertson and her dad Willie of Duck Dynasty fame have a comical – and probably familiar – history together of disagreeing when it comes to clothing, especially in regards to more formal dress attire.

Not that Sadie Robertson is known to dress provocatively – in fact, Sadie has applied her tendency towards modesty with her own personal style to a prom dress line she designed in collaboration with Sherri Hill.

That still hasn’t stopped dad Willie. According to Sadie, all Dancing with the Stars wardrobe credits go to her dad.

Dancing with the Stars has become known for the dancers’ rather revealing outfits. The costumes are designed by the stars themselves – they have the final say over just how much is revealed… or covered. But the costumes are often fashioned in order to accentuate the dancers’ bodies; for fathers of teenaged daughters on the show, this can be tough to watch.

“This show has turned this outfit thing into a stereotype,” said Mark Ballas, who is dancing with Sadie Robertson this season. “If you went to a real ballroom competition, of course there are sexy outfits…but every time you see someone on stage in one of those outfits, they chose to wear that. They designed it…that was all their idea.”

So it seems as though Sadie’s partner agrees with Willie Robertson on keeping the clothing appropriate for a modest 17-year-old. Ballas explained, “I like to keep things a little bit more about the dancing. Make it sassy, make it fun, make it cute and sexy at times, but with [Sadie] it’s going to be very appropriate and it’s always going to be comfortable. That’s my bottom-line rule.”

Costume talk and protective dads aside, Sadie is taking the ballroom by storm. She has zero dance experience – in fact, she has never even attended a school dance. When she wasn’t being home-schooled, she attended a strict private school that hosts “banquets” rather than dances. But Sadie and partner Mark’s cha cha during week one landed the two in second place and prompted judge Bruno Tonioli to call Sadie “a bird of paradise.” This season’s new judge – and former dancer on the show – Julianne Hough followed Tonioli’s statement with a compliment to Sadie of her own, referring to her as “the total package.”

When asked whether or not dad Willie Robertson was asked to review Monday night’s outfit – which was comprised of short jean shorts and a plaid shirt tied to just barely reveal her midriff, paired with cowgirl boots, Sadie replied, “Of course. [It’s] just a country outfit.”

[Image via zap2it.com]