Casey Anthony Pleads “Fifth” in Video Deposition

Disguised in over-sized sunglasses, a Phillies ballcap and what the plaintiff’s lawyer said looked like “a wig,” Casey Anthony was deposed Saturday for a civil lawsuit that accuses her of ruining another woman’s reputation.

Zenaida Gonzalez filed the defamation suit against Anthony after the tot-mom lied to investigators, telling them that some woman by her name had kidnapped her child, Caylee.

During the deposition, which took place via videoconferencing in an undisclosed location, Anthony answered general questions, such as whether she was present during her trial and whether she was in court for her attorney’s opening statement, Gonzalez’ attorney John Morgan explained.

But more specific questions, however, were quickly met with the Fifth Amendment assertion – which protects witnesses from being forced to incriminate themselves – by Casey’s Orlando-based attorney, Charles Greene.

“I think there were times where some of the questions irritated her,” Morgan said, pointing to questions about her mother and father, and her brother’s testimony.

Following the deposition, Morgan revealed that he plans to file a motion asking a judge to compel testimony.

“We asked enough questions and got her to invoke the Fifth enough times that we feel we got enough to take a motion to the judge to compel her to answer these questions,” he said.

According to CNN, the 45-minute videotaped deposition may be public as early as Tuesday or Wednesday of this week through the Orange County Court Clerk’s office.

Casey Anthony, 25, was acquitted in July of the major charges against her, including first-degree murder, in connection with Caylee’s death. She was convicted of four counts of lying to law enforcement and is currently serving a year of probation for an earlier check-fraud conviction at an undisclosed location for security reasons.

via CNN

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