Charlo Greene Quitting On Live TV A Publicity Stunt? Here’s How She Made Over $3,000 Doing It!

Charlo Greene dropped the F-bomb on the air, quit her job as an Alaskan news reporter — and earned $3,000 doing it?

That seems to be exactly what happened and, more than likely, was all part of the plan!

How so?

For those that do not already know, Charlo Greene was recently exposed as the owner, President and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club. This organization has been covered by Charlo Greene in multiple news stories for more than four months, according to Radar Online – even though Charlo never revealed to her viewers or her employer that she was the one running it.

On Sunday night, Charlo Greene decided to expose herself and her position with the Alaska Cannabis Club on the air shortly before dropping the F-bomb, saying that she quit her job and walking off the set — all while the camera was still rolling.

“Now everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana. And as for this job…well…not that I have a choice, but f**k it…I quit!”

The video footage was uploaded to YouTube shortly after the original broadcast by Danyelle DeSean and generated over one million views within the first day. However, that is only half of the story.

Even though Charlo Greene did openly expose herself as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and decided to quit her job on live television, there is more to the story than what meets the eye. Evidence shows that Charlo Greene set up the entire thing as a publicity stunt to generate a massive amount of attention for the club — and raise money while doing so.

The first stage of the plan started long before the actual broadcast. That was proven by what was posted (probably by Charlo Green) on the official Twitter page of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

A similar tweet was also posted less than 10 minutes later – as if there was some sort of countdown message reaching out to their 700+ followers, leading up to the actual broadcast.

Shortly after the actual broadcast itself, Charlo Greene then identified herself in each tweet with the simple statement – “Charlo here – For more on why I quit…” However, each of those tweets also come with a special link that proved her efforts were all just a publicity stunt.

As you can see from the link, a fundraiser was established to raise money for the Alaska Cannabis Club with a monetary goal of $5,000. As of right now, there has already been more than $3,300 raised!

Included within the short summary on the fundraising page, Charlo Greene used the opportunity to maximize exposure yet again to quitting her job as a news reporter on live television before seguing into the purpose and target objective of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

“I’m Charlo Greene, the president and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club – Alaska’s only legal medical marijuana resource. I just quit my news reporting job on live TV to announce that I am redirecting all of my energy toward helping to end a failed drug policy that has ruined the lives of far too many Americans.”

According to her statement, Charlo Greene wants to use the $5,000 to “inform Alaskan voters.”

“Money will be applied toward travel costs and informational materials (advertising, pamphlets, fliers…)”

With all of the exposure that her viral video is getting, chances are that Charlo Greene will quickly reach her fundraising goal. However, what Charlo Greene was able to accomplish with this publicity stunt is sure to be copied by many other on-air personalities in the near future — especially once her true plans and objective are exposed.

What do you think? Should Charlo Greene be punished for her on-air actions or did Charlo just find yet another way to use viral exposure to generate money?

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