Gazan Schoolchildren Emotionally Traumatized By Cries From Nearby Hamas Facilty

In shocking news from the Middle East, schoolchildren at a southern Gaza Strip school are reportedly being emotionally traumatized by the daily cries of Hamas detainees in a nearby police compound being tortured.

Al Hayat Al-Jadida reported that parents of the children who attend the school in Khan Younis have complained on numerous occasions to the relevant authorities but to no avail.

Apparently, the Gazan schoolchildren are subjected daily to the “shrieks and cries of pain,” of the Hamas prisoners which has left a number of the students shaken and in some cases traumatized.

The torture cries allegedly emanate from a building belonging to the Department of General Intelligence, which is tasked among other things, with detaining and interrogating suspected “collaborators” or informants for Israel.

One student from the school, identified only as “Y” said that on her first day following the summer vacation she was shocked when her class was interrupted by the sounds of horrific screams, saying she was traumtized by the incident and felt “unsafe” at the presence of the compound near her school.

In her own innocent words, Y said she felt the police in Gaza were meant to make people feel “safe” and “not to provoke fear and terror.”

Among themselves, Palestinian factions historically have an extremely hard time getting along with each other. For example, the differences in opinion between P.A. Chairman Abbas’ Fatah party and the terrorists of Hamas.

As one can imagine, Hamas is in many ways a formidable enemy for Israel, which they terrorize and attack at every opportunity, but its members are also formidable and brutal when it comes to imposing the “law” on their own people.

This is evident from a number of reports following the recent Gaza war with Israel in which Hamas brutally executed suspected collaborators in a public square in Gaza while people, including young children, watched on.

It remains to be seen whether or not the school in Khan Younis will be moved so that the poor schoolchildren can be spared hearing the screams and pleas of desperate Hamas torture victims. Then again, Hamas could just stop the unjust and barbaric torture of its own already “oppressed” people, but don’t hold your breath for that to happen any time soon.

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