Lana Del Rey Drags Rita Ora Into Her Tragic Love Life

Lana Del Rey’s music hinges on its sultry sadness — it’s what has made Del Rey such a huge star among her dubstep pop and radio hip-hop contemporaries. Lately, her personal life has been reflecting her art: Lana had to cancel to last leg of European tour due to an unnamed illness. One French radio station was so angry they blacklisted her from their airwaves. But Del Rey may have a whole new source of gloomy inspiration due to some relationship drama involving British singer Rita Ora.

Lana’s current boyfriend, Italian fashion photographer Francesco Carrozzini, took Del Rey to a New York coffee shop last week, where the pair were photographed kissing, caressing, and generally getting along in the way you’d imagine the “West Coast” singer to ensnare the affections of any man in her presence. But five days later, Carrozzini went to the exact same coffee shop to get rather handsy with a different woman — Ora’s sister and manager, Elena Sahatciu. The Daily Mail, who reported the story, could not reach Carrozzini for comment.

Del Rey had been staying with her Italian beau, but now Lana has also been seen looking for a new apartment. Is Del Rey moving on? It’s too soon to say, but a close friend did tell the New York Daily News that the meeting between Rita’s sister and Francesco was totally platonic.

“They’re like brother and sister, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time and they were just excited to see each other.”

Although Lana’s fans have been livid over the photos, it may just be that Italian openness playing tricks on our tabloid-washed minds. Francesco also posted a picture to Instagram of him hugging rapper Nicki Minaj from behind while they were on set for a photo shoot.

Of course, it’s totally possible that Lana’s mysterious illness is just forcing Francesco to look for another coffee partner. Although all that touching between Rita’s sister and Carrozzini is still a little suspicious. Who knows? Del Rey could just be suffering from a broken heart. The official statement from her record label Polydor is rather vague about what her condition is, after all.

“For medical reasons independent of our will, the artist has been forced to cancel all promotional activities planned in Europe over the coming days.”

What do you think? Is Lana Del Rey’s next album set to have a sad coffee house track about Rita Ora’s sister?

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