Lana Del Rey Blacklisted By French Radio, What Did She Do To Anger France?

Lana Del Rey is enjoying what is perhaps the least controversial era of her career yet — or so we thought. After “Video Games” shot her to fame three summers ago, Del Rey has gradually grown in popularity while simultaneously amassing haters. Many call Lana fake, others fault her on her live performing abilities, and now one French radio station is pulling out a Lana Del Rey boycott because of her inability to meet a performance date, reported Global Post.

Virgin Radio, the French station in question, had previously scheduled a show with Del Rey for Aug. 25, which was also canceled. After re-scheduling the show, Lana was meant to sing in the Trianon Ballroom in Paris this Sunday evening as a free show for listeners of Virgin Radio. However, two hours before she was supposed to go on, Del Rey’s record company Polydor/Universal Music released this statement.

“For medical reasons independent of our will, the artist has been forced to cancel all promotional activities planned in Europe over the coming days.”

Whether it was the late notice or that it was the second cancelation in a row, Virgin Radio is not pleased with Lana. They are so irritated, in fact, that they are going to boycott Del Rey’s music — a pretty strong statement considering it was Lana’s tunes that they wanted to reward their listeners with at Sunday’s canceled show.

“[Virgin Radio] disapproves of this total lack of respect for the fans and is removing Lana Del Rey from its playlist.”

At least a few fan sites have tweeted supportive messages to Lana Del Rey despite the radio station’s irritated response to her last-minute cancelation of the gig, although most of them have not yet commented on the boycott.

But whatever illness is plaguing Del Rey, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down her output of new music. Lana has released two new tracks in the last week — one of which is a demo of a hazy, New York track with some electronic elements called “Greenwich.”

The second track is, as usual for Del Rey’s remixes, going to be a bit divisive among her fans. “Ultraviolence” — the title track of from her recent #1 album — is a sultry, retro ballad that gets turned into undistinguishable club filler in this Datsik remix.

For comparison, you can see the creepy zombie bride video used for Lana Del Rey’s original version of the track below.

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