Rams Tight End Jared Cook’s Attitude Causes A Fight On The Sidelines

On Sunday, instead of the Rams versus the Cowboys, it became Jared Cook versus Austin Davis. Are you ready for some brawling? Sunday night football seemed to be excessively full of testosterone and bravado, as at least two brawls broke out on the sidelines of two different games.

The Inquisitr reported on the other Sunday game that the focus was not the game, but the players. This was the Eagles versus the Redskins.

“During the game Sunday, ESPN reports that an all-out ‘hockey style’ brawl erupted on the Redskins’ sideline. The Redskins’ Chris Baker and Eagles’ Jason peters were ejected from the game.”

In this second case the brawl was not as large or widespread, but was between two players. When the Ram’s tight end Jared Cook missed what appeared to be a consequently catch in the fourth quarter, he took his aggression out on his fellow teammate Austin Davis.

In essence, Jared Cook took out his anger about dropping a pass by shoving the man who threw it to him. Unfortunately for Austin Davis, his second NFL start did not exactly go so well.

According to ESPN, this left Jared Cook and the St. Louis Rams with a lesser lead, after Cook dropped a 10-yard pass.

“Instead of a 28-20 lead, the Rams took a 24-20 advantage. After Cook shoved Davis, defensive end William Hayes stepped in and yelled at Cook in an attempt to diffuse the situation.”

This must have been frustrating for Jared Cook, since NBC Sports reported that this game’s loss dropped the Rams to 1-2.

(NESN posted a GIF file to give a visual clip of what happen during the fight between Cook and Davis.)

Former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston seemed not to be able to help but weigh in from the press box, the Dallas Morning News reports.

“You made a mistake. You had an opportunity for a big play in this game and you didn’t finish it…That’s on you”

Though the visuals suggest there would potentially a long-term rift between Cook and Davis, and perhaps Cook and the Rams, but Jared Cook took to Twitter with a lengthy tweet to apologize for his actions.

“My actions from today’s game were truly a mistake, unintentional and in the heat of the moment. There is never an excuse for unsportsmanlike conduct and I apologize to everyone. I want to thank my teammates again, Austin Davis and William Hayes for their support on the sideline, the Rams organization and especially to all of our fans for whom we fight so hard for your love and continued support.”

Just as the Eagles, Redskins brawl ended in team unity and respect, so did Jared Cook and the St. Louis Rams.

[ Screenshot Image And GIF Via NESN ]