Man Waits In Line 44 Hours To Buy iPhone For Estranged Wife, Hopes Gesture Saves Marriage [Video]

It worked once, so he’s hoping it works again.

The FW says Darius, a Polish-born man in Britain, waited 44 hours in line for the new iPhone 6, hoping that the loving gesture would entice his recently-estranged wife of 20 years back to him.

Darius notes in a video that has now been seen by thousands online that he wasn’t the ideal husband or father, though he doesn’t elaborate on why he’s recently single.

He says that last time he bought his wife an iPhone, she was very happy. He’s hoping for the same return on investment this time around.

Darius isn’t the only person waiting in line to buy an iPhone for someone else, however. As a recent Inquisitr article highlights, there are a lot of people in line who aren’t exactly Apple enthusiasts.

A group known as the Chinese Mafia are simply place-holders for Apple fans who apparently have better things to do than wait in line.

Others just want their five seconds of fame; being paid to be the first-in-line for the sole purpose of appearing on television when the media inevitably comes calling.

However, if this is one of the guys that got that gig, whoever is paying him might be less than thrilled. In Perth, Australia, the first person to buy an Apple iPhone made a memorable appearance on live TV when the first thing he did was drop his brand new phone.

USA Today reports that millions of iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus devices were purchased in the opening weekend of sales. Actual figures aren’t available, but the article notes that despite the hysteria any time a new Apple product is released, Android-powered devices still dominate the U.S. market share.

While iPhone is still the hottest device available, Apple might be able to steal the overall market share from Android if they actually did create phones that could be charged by simply popping it into the microwave as a viral hoax suggested.

Actually, everything about that idea and the hoax is genius. Unfortunately, there were a few geniuses that bought in, destroying their brand new — expensive phone in the process.

The hoax is reminiscent of one that fooled many iPhone owners upon the iOS 7 release, when the internet wanted us to believe that the Apple iPhone had become waterproof.

You didn’t stand in line for that long for this — even if the phone isn’t actually for you.

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