‘The Little Couple’ Update: Jen Arnold Doing Well After Cancer Battle, Family Honored At Gala

Fans are anxious for The Little Couple updates now that Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein and their kids, Will and Zoey, are living life off-screen for a bit. While new episodes of the TLC hit show are expected to come relatively soon, people are dying to know how things are going for them now. Is Jen Arnold still cancer-free? What cute shenanigans have the kids been up to over the past few months? Luckily, there is some news that fans won’t want to miss.

People shares that The Little Couple star Dr. Jen Arnold says she is doing great these days. Arnold is even working full-time now back at the hospital rather than having to be a patient as fans saw in this most recent season.

Jen and Bill were just recognized at the Angels in Adoption event held in Washington D.C. The Little Couple stars posted some pictures of the trip on social media as it seems they turned it into a family trip. Will and Zoey had a chance to visit the zoo, and there were some dressy occasions, as well. The adoption event was put on by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

Though the past year has been a very tough one for Jen and Bill, life seems to be going quite well for them now. Arnold says she’s doing really well and that Will and Zoey are keeping busy. The wee The Little Couple stars have apparently spent the summer swimming and playing outdoors. Will loves playing with cars, while Zoey adores bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

Now that it’s fall, though, they’re both starting school. Will will even be learning about China, while Zoey will be learning about India. As The Little Couple fans, of course, know, both children were adopted by Jen and Bill, and they were born in China and India. Arnold notes that both kids are getting better with their speech, and they’re going to get to eventually take some language immersion courses so they can learn their native country’s languages as well.

While a number of families were recognized at the 2014 Angels in Adoption Gala as the Daily Mail notes, The Little Couple stars stole the show. The family dressed up and posted for quite a few pictures, and they were, of course, all smiles. They noted that they don’t necessarily feel that they deserve the award given at the gala, but fans would certainly disagree.

When will new episodes of The Little Couple with Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will and Zoey return to TLC? It has been said that filming is happening now, but it doesn’t appear that any premiere date for the new season has been revealed by the network. This isn’t unusual for TLC, which tends not to confirm show renewals or pin down air dates until shortly before a new season begins.

For now, fans will simply have to embrace the news that Dr. Jen Arnold says she’s doing well and stay tuned for more The Little Couple updates.

[Image via Daily Mail]