Blasts In China’s Xinjiang Province Leave Two People Dead, Several Injured [Breaking]

China’s troubled province of Xinjiang is in turmoil again following “multiple explosions” that rocked a town deep inside China. According to Al-Jazeera, which cites a Reuters report, there have been at least two fatalities and several injuries reported following the blasts.

According to BBC News, one of the explosions hit a shop in the Luntai County, which is located in the fringes of the Taklamakan desert. The report adds that several other explosions were reported from towns within Xinjiang province. Further information regarding the kind of fatalities and injuries is expected from officials of the Xinjiang Communist Party Committee.

The Committee, in a statement issued to the press, stated,

“At present, all the injured have been sent to hospital for full treatment, local social order is normal, and the cases are being investigated.”

The Committee is also expected to reveal in detail the various locations that have been targeted by these serial bomb blasts.

China’s Xinjiang province has been rocked by several cases of violence over the past few months, resulting in many deaths. In the July 28 attack, over 100 people were reported dead. Of the 100 people who died, as per government data, only 37 individuals were civilians – while 59 were terrorists. The rest were police officials. Cracking down on the extremists who are behind these attacks, Chinese officials have arrested more than 2015 people in connection with the July 28 attack alone.

The Inquisitr also reported about the cause of the issue – which is the demand for a separate Islamic state for the Muslim Uighur people. They wish to gain independence from China to form a new state named East Turkestan.

While China has tried to clamp down on these protesters, they have still not been able to suppress the Islamic movement in the area.

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