Sarge, The Utah Pit bull Shot With An Arrow, Finds New Home And Suspect Identified

The Inquisitr has been reporting on the story of Sarge the pit bull since early last month. The Utah pit bull was shot with an arrow and left for dead on highway 91 in Washington county, Utah.

“Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on old Highway 91. The officer called Ivin animal control officer Aggie Smith to respond to the scene, according to St. George News.”

The pit bull shot with an arrow has been adopted. Sarge, formerly known as Remy and formerly Bane, is reportedly heading for a full recovery and enjoying his new adopted family. The Sun Independent reported on the update to this despicable act of animal cruelty that has a happy ending for Sarge the pit bull.

They spoke to Ivins Animal Shelter director Aggie Smith about Sarge the pit bull.

“Sarge is just a big happy puppy. He is loving his new home and is healing well. He is doing awesome. His new family just loves him.”

Director Aggie Smith went on to say that despite “their reputation and inflated media reports,” larger dogs are typically not dangerous.

“I get calls all the time: ‘Vicious pitbull on the playground.’ I get there and the dog is friendly and well-mannered. I worry that people will intentionally harm an animal just based on the assumption that it is dangerous. Statistically, more people are bitten by dachshunds than any other dog, but dachshunds don’t make the newspaper.”

Reports did not indicate who his new family was, but Click2Houston reported that he was with a temporary foster family. The Inquisitr’s last report indicated that the former owner came forward and was looking to reclaim the pit bull after they gave him away to a miltary family.

In other good news, as of August 29, the Washington County District Attorney’s office reported that they had identified the suspect who shot the Utah pit bull. The suspects name, though originally was to be released, has yet to be revealed to the public.

Attorney Barry Golding explained the process.

“We have identified a suspect and interviewed him. We have also interviewed other people connected with this case. When our investigative reports are complete, they will be submitted to the county attorney for review. The county attorney will then make the decision regarding criminal charges”

Under Utah Animal Cruelty law, such a charge would be considered a class B misdemeanor. Unfortunately for Sarge the pit bull, no suspects have been charged at this time. It would appear it is merely a matter of time before the culprits are brought to justice.

[ Image Via Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters]

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