Author Challenges The Bible’s Stance On Gay Marriage

It is one of the most heated debates of our time; gay marriage and the Christian Bible. Opponents of gay marriage (or same-sex unions) claim that the bible expressly forbids homosexuality, while proponents argue that our laws are not derived from the Bible, and, therefore, have no bearing on non-Christians, agnostics and atheists. The end result is usually heated comments on social media with stones being cast from both sides, even though the bible does expressly forbid that. Now, author Matthew Vines, an openly gay Christian, has written a new book that points out that the Bible has been and is continually misinterpreted in regard to God’s words on homosexuality and marriage equality.

Vines’ book, called God and the Gay Christian, points out the six passages in the bible that even mention homosexuality, and he explains that the church has got it wrong. It’s not the first time Matthew Vines has stood up to the church and explained his position. His wildly popular and now infamous YouTube video called The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality caused an uproar from evangelicals and made Vines a folk hero for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered community.

The Harvard-educated Vines came out to his family when he was a teenager and was immediately shunned by those that created, raised, and nurtured him. Vines hopes that his new book can help gays who are torn emotionally and spiritually by their faith. In a story in the Roanoke Times, the author explains that he wished there was a book like this when he came out. He was raised as a Presbyterian in Kansas, and when he told his parents of his sexuality “they were not thrilled.”

In Vines’ own words, God and the Gay Christian tries to explain that the Bible is wrong and that God teaches all Christians to love one another. It says nothing of condemnation nor does it teach for or against sexual orientation.

“The Bible never directly addresses, and it certainly does not condemn, loving, committed same-sex relationships. There is no biblical teaching about sexual orientation, nor is there any call to lifelong celibacy for gay people.”

As expected, Evangelical Christians quickly responded on The Christian Post to Vines’ arguments in his book, but instead of entering into a debate on the matter, they accuse him of using his homosexuality to “prosper” in his life.

The new book comes on the heels of a new push for acceptance of gays by evangelicals. As reported in The Inquisitr, a recent billboard in Tennessee asks Christians to heed God’s law and “love the sinner and hate the sin.”

The debate will continue in regards to God’s word on homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and Matthew Vines’ position is but one of multiple sides. Regardless of how a person feels about homosexuality, one thing that cannot be argued is what that billboard in Tennessee is trying to say. There is no debate that God loves everyone and asks us to do the same. That point is made very clear in the Bible, and those who choose to ignore it by hiding behind the Bible should probably actually read that Bible.

Do you think that the Bible’s stance on Gay marriage is wrong or is Matthew Vines?

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