Corgi Owners Supporting Slain Dog ‘Molly’ That Was Shot By A Neighbor

Corgi owners around the United States are all supporting Molly, a Pembroke Welsh corgi that was shot by a neighbor. They are asking that the harshest penalty be set for the man who killed the dog.

David William Latham, 55, shot the dog on September 13 after he claimed the dog was being annoying. The dog was allegedly barking, so Latham picked up a rifle, walked across the street, and shot Molly over a fence in front of her owners. Latham was then charged Friday with first degree animal cruelty, brandishing a weapon and second degree criminal trespassing. An official report said that Molly was not the dog barking.

This act of animal cruelty has sparked outrage across the nation. The Facebook page “Justice for Molly the Corgi” was made and has already gathered 5,000 followers as of Saturday. Many corgi owners are also writing to the Whatcom County prosecution, urging for justice. A specific Facebook post said, “When writing letters, push for the harshest penalties for this case but BE RESPECTFUL.”

The outrage over Molly is largely due to the fact that dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal animals and just last week, a chow chow saved his family of six from a burning house. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr News, Chucky the dog alerted the family that there was a fire when everyone was asleep, giving the entire family enough time to escape. The dog, unfortunately, suffered third-degree burns.

After Latham shot Molly, owners Cary Chunyk and Loyce Andrews wrapped the corgi in towels, but it bled out for 30 minutes before dying. “I wanted to get her into the car and get her on the road,” Andrews said. “I’ve had animals all my life, and it was obvious she was seriously hurt.”

When Latham was detained, police noticed the presence of alcohol. Police also recovered nine guns from his home, and his beagle was transferred to the Humane Society. Latham’s attorney, Adrian Madrone, commented on the situation, “[He] is extremely regretful and remorseful for his actions. He is a lifelong animal owner, and is very sorry for the pain he has caused. We simply ask that we be allowed to give his side of the story through the legal process before judgment is passed.”

The whole Corgi community is standing strong to support Chunyk and Andrews, as well as insist on the harshest punishment for Latham.

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