New Pics And Video Show Off Star Wars Episode VII's Millennium Falcon, X-Wings

Kevin Bostic

If you just can't get enough Star Wars news and leaks, you're in luck. New pictures and video from the set of Episode VII have hit the net, showing off some of our best views yet of the iconic Millennium Falcon and a couple of super sleek X-wing Starfighters.

The pics come courtesy of 20Minutos, and they were taken on-set at the U.K. location where parts of the film are shooting. As notes, it's hard to tell how recent the photos are. They could be the newest Star Wars pics to hit the net, or they could actually be older, since the Millennium Falcon we see in the pics isn't as fully assembled as it has appeared in other leaked set pics. The iconic Star Wars ship, though, could be in the process of being disassembled, having already served its purposes for the film.

Closer Look At #MillenniumFalcon From #StarWars #Episode7 -

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Ohhh look, it's the #DeathStroke #XWing

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Detailed close-ups of Millennium Falcon & X-Wing fighters --> #StarWars #StarWarsEpisodeVII

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Either way, the pics give a good sense of just how huge the practical effects constructions in the new Star Wars flicks will be. J.J. Abrams, who is directing Star Wars: Episode VII, is relying on real-life sets and props for the the first film in the new trilogy. That decision should give the new Star Wars film a notably distinct look and feel from the prequels, which drew criticism for their computer graphics-heavy sets and effects.

Also revealed in the new pictures is what appears to be another of Star Wars' classic vehicles, the X-wing Starfighter. Of note is the fact that all three of the apparent X-wings look to be differently colored. That could mean that the fleet in the next Star Wars is a bit more personalized than it has been in previous Star Wars flicks.

For a film that isn't set to open for more than a year from now, the next Star Wars already has a considerable amount of hype built up around it. Fans are anxious to check out what Abrams and crew can do with Star Wars after seeing what he did to rejuvenate the Star Trek franchise. Fans are also excited to see the return of familiar faces, as much of the original Star Wars cast will return for the new movies alongside newer faces like Lupita Nyong'o and possibly even Daniel Craig.

Star Wars Episode VII will hit theaters in December of next year. After Episode VII comes out, a new spinoff will follow in 2016, and a new Star Wars movie will hit theaters each year between 2015 and 2019.