Jamie Foxx’s New Collaboration With 2 Chainz Facing Lawsuit

Jamie Foxx has been working on a new single alongside 2 Chainz, though the song is coming under some legal fire. The “Party Ain’t a Party” lyrics are allegedly very similar to a song from a Florida-based artist, and the artist’s studio has brought a lawsuit against Foxx. In actuality, the suit is being brought against Jamie, DJ Mustard, and 2 Chainz by Nontra Records.

Billboard reports the heart of the legal action is that DJ Mustard delivered the song to J Rand’s then-record company Poe Boy Music Group. This instrumental arrangement served as underlying material for a J Rand release. J Rand went to work on his own accord, and Poe Boy “possessed sole ownership in the copyright of the sound recording.” Nontra is now claiming the studio owns all rights to Foxx’s new song and it is entitled to royalties.

BET is also reporting Nontra took quite a whack at Jamie Foxx in the suit, claiming, “”after being absent from the music scene for over four (4) years, Jamie poached Rand’s music to make his comeback.” While that particular assault might have been a bit cold-hearted, it isn’t entirely wrong. Foxx hasn’t released a music album since Best Night of My Life was released in 2010.

Part of the reason Jamie Foxx hasn’t been working in the recording studio all that often is due to his busy Hollywood career. Foxx has a bustling career as an actor, including starring as Electro in the most recent Spider Man flick. Jamie Foxx is also getting ready to play the incredibly talented, but mentally unbalanced boxer Mike Tyson in a new project. Of course, Foxx will need to have the help of a little CGI in order to pull off looking like Tyson.

Just how the lawsuit against Jamie will go is unknown at this point. The action was filed quite recently, but if the allegations are true, it seems to have some legs. Nontra says Foxx has not really changed the music other than bringing in 2 Chainz as a guest musician. The studio is looking for as much as $150,000 from Foxx and company as punishment for infringement.

Jamie’s “Party Ain’t a Party” single dropped last week, and debuted at number eight on the Billboard trending chart. This list takes into account how much a song is being talked about on social media. If that’s any indication, it appears Jamie Foxx has a hit on his hands, in no small part because of the lawsuit.