‘Destiny’ Raid Being Completed In Less Than An Hour After Taking 12 Hours On First Try

Bungie first opened the Vault of Glass to Destiny players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles this past Tuesday. Multiple groups of six Guardians were ready to go as soon as the first Raid went live, and many competed to be the first to complete it. That first team took nearly a dozen hours. In just a few short days, Destiny players are now completing the first Raid in less than an hour.

The PRIMEGUARD Clan was the first to make it through the Vault of Glass in Destiny — not once but twice. As told in the most recent Bungie Weekly Update, the first group got through the Raid in a little less than 12 hours, with the second group led by YouTube Destiny expert Datto.

Somebody had to be first, and the trail that PRIMEGUARD blazed has led to other groups of Guardians finishing Destiny’s Raid faster and faster. Just two days after the Raid was available, this group, via Ben Broman on YouTube, a video maker known for speedruns, completed the Raid in one hour and 55 minutes.

Just one day later, that mark was beaten by the following speedrun of just 47 minutes and 30 seconds. This one appeared on Reddit, and I haven’t been able to find a time that beats it yet.

There are actually two reasons why Destiny players are rapidly beating the Vault of Glass. The first is that they’ve seen the mechanics, tips, and tricks of what needs to be done either by watching videos and/or by completing the Raid themselves.

Secondly, those who do complete the Raid are coming out with extremely high-end Raid loot for weapons and armor. Their characters are now much more powerful and able to take on the Raid at normal difficulty much easier than before.

The next challenge for those that have completed the Vault of Glass at normal difficulty is to take on the harder difficulties. There are still many more players out there who have yet to take on the Raid, either due to time or because of being unable to gather a group of six friends to tackle it.

Bungie has not given a hint about when the next Raid may arrive in Destiny, so the Vault of Glass will have to keep end-gamers occupied along with Heroic Strikes and “farming.” What do you think of how quickly the time to complete the Raids has dropped? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bungie]