Sir Mix-A-Lot Reveals His Thoughts On Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’

Sir Mix-A-Lot might not be a familiar name to most selfie-taking millenials, but to those who grew up with VCR and the early seasons of The Simpsons, the very name brings memories of the glorious days of 90s rap.

The master rapper’s way with words brought us one of the best rap songs in the history of rap songs, “Baby Got Back.” He visited Reddit yesterday to give us a glimpse of what he has been up to. Sir Mix-A-Lot went on Reddit AMA to answer fan questions and show his appreciation for decades of support he has received from loyal listeners. He has also given us a few of his insights about his life, career, and Nicki Minaj’sAnaconda,” which was one of the most recent songs to remix Sir Mix-A-Lot’s most popular hit. Here are some of the most intriguing questions:

Record307 asked, “Did you expect Baby Got Back to become as big as it did?”

Sir Mix-A-Lot answered, “Oh Hell no.”

“As a matter of fact — when I did ‘Baby Got Back’ — initially it was a slow song like ‘Posse on Broadway,’ which was my hit prior to ‘Baby Got Back.’ And then I decided to make a fast version, it was the second to the last song, and I didn’t like it, I thought it was going to piss everybody off. And Rick Rubin said he loved it, Ricardo said he loved it, I said what the hell, and we put it out… and to show you how much I didn’t think it was going to hit, I selected a song called ‘One Time’s Got No Case’ and we shot a video for it, all this stuff, I thought that was going to be the hit, and it just flopped. So I shut my mouth, let the pros do what they do, and Rick was right!”

CharmingDoctor asked, “Hey Sir, if you could collaborate with any three (living) artists, who would they be?”

Sir Mix-A-Lot has a very interesting mix of artists he wants to collab with.

OOOH, WOW. LIVING ARTISTS… I’d say… this is gonna sound weird – KORN (i love Korn)… Gary Numan… and probably – I was gonna say Prince, but that might be difficult, he would like take over the studio — and Madonna. Madonna, Gary Numan, and Korn.”

MyBroShiro asked, “What were your views on Nicki Minaj’s new song? Did you feel honored for someone in todays music industry to bring back your song and use it in a creative way?”

While most fans presumed Sir Mix-A-Lot to react negatively to the remix, the rapper turned out to be incredibly supportive of Minaj and her latest rap single.

“It’s amazing how people — I guess maybe because they’re not in the industry — but how people think I should be mad about the song. I think it’s cool, she took part of the song, she made a Nicki Minaj song. I love the track, I have fun listening to the track, it’s crazy as hell, and for a guy who likes butts, how can i look at the video and say I don’t like it? I say more power to it. Go Nicki Go!”

Sir Mix-A-Lot is on tour and will be in Salt Lake City on September 16.

[Image from Kenneth Kearney/Flickr]