Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: New Search Area Gives Hope To Families, Conspiracy Theories Continue

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been missing without a trace since March, but a new search area in the Indian ocean has given new hope to the families of the 239 passengers and crew on board. According to The Wall Street Journal, Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan doesn’t have great news to report, but he did say that crews “have a reasonable prospect” of finding fuselage in the Indian Ocean.

Dolan, however, is still very cautious and doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up without proper cause. “I don’t want to raise the hopes of the families of the people who were lost in this accident and then dash them again,” Dolan explained. Our plan has a sequence of priorities. It’s all about probability. We’ll start with the highest probability,” he added.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s disappearance has caused many people to think about what could have happened to the aircraft. While crews have been diligently combing the Indian Ocean without even the smallest trace of the Boeing 777 popping up, people have been coming up with their own solutions — and some are quite convincing.

According to The Inquisitr, there are all different explanations for what might have happened to the plane. From the plane being hijacked and landing safely in another country to the pilot committing suicide and taking all of those innocent people down with him — and pretty much everything in between. The more time that passes, the more people think that something else happened to that plane — something that the public may never find out about.

If the airplane’s wreckage does no turn up in this new search area, people will likely become less and less “certain” about the plane’s final resting place being the Indian Ocean. According to CTV News, crews will venture to the new area at the end of this month. The new coordinates were pinpointed after more analysis of satellite data.

“Officials have been refining their analysis of satellite data from the plane to figure out where it crashed. Dolan says the most recent analysis suggests the aircraft may have entered the water in an area south of what was initially considered the highest priority search zone.”

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 could turn up after years of searching, but it’s possible that the plane will never be found. This is something very hard to swallow for the families of the passengers and crew, but it is the harsh reality at this time.

[Photo courtesy of CBS News]

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