Russian Cat Has No Fear Of Vacuum Cleaner — Cute, Crazy, Or Both?

This Russian cat video proves that everything is crazier in Russia — even the adorable kitties. Case in point — when have you ever seen your cat get this friendly with a vacuum cleaner?

The answer: never. See, civilized cats are naturally afraid of vacuum cleaners, as any cat owner knows all too well. Cats see the vacuum as a terrifying monster who makes a terrible noise and then, to make matters worse, follows him from room to room.

Cats have far more sensitive hearing than humans, so if your vacuum cleaner sounds loud to you, imagine how it must sound to your cat.

But the Russian cat in this video doesn’t care about any of that. To him, the vacuum cleaner is just another playmate — or perhaps a source of food, judging by the cat tongue action you’ll see here.

On the other hand, maybe this cat has simply been trained by his owners not to fear the vacuum. There are some simple steps you can take to let your cat get used to the fearsome vacuum cleaner.

Start off by leaving the vacuum cleaner, in its “off” mode, in the same room as your cat. Once the cat becomes accustomed to the site of the machine, try taking the vacuum cleaner to another room and turning it on. Eventually — you hope — the cat will grow so accustomed to the sight and sound of the vacuum, that he’ll learn to at least tolerate it — if not actually love it, like the crazy Russian cat in this video.