Moroccan Poet’s Controversial Comments Cause Outrage Suggesting ‘Arabs Are More Zionist Than Jews’

Malika Mezzane. the outspoken Moroccan poet who rose to infamy recently by offering mock sexual services to Jihadists, has spoken out once again, expressing some controversial views about Arabs in Israel.

Mezzane, who is an ethnic Amazigh, made her latest round of comments in an interview with Med Radio last week, in which she said it was absurd to accuse “tiny Israel” of being expansionist, while ignoring the fact that it is, in fact, the Arab Muslim nations which are, by definition, themselves expansionist and imperialist.

Moroccan World News reported that, in the interview, the well-known Moroccan poet added that, if anything, “Arabs are more Zionists than the Jews” due to their belief that Arabs are the “chosen people of God”, saying that, as such, they “have the right to extend their territory, at the expense of other nations.”

Mezzane makes a good point, especially considering her own Amazigh people, who are one of the indigenous non-Arab nations of northern Africa, were conquered and subjugated by the invading Arab armies during the Muslim conquest in the seventh century.

Since that time, the Amazigh people have been subjected to persecution and periodic campaigns of cultural and physical ethnic-cleansing at the hands of Arab rulers in the region.

Some Amazigh people even called for self-determination in the past, having been rejected by Arab states as somehow representative of “western imperialism.”

Mezzane went even further in the interview, adding that, in her opinion, Jews were justified in establishing “their state in Palestine, since it’s their homeland.”

She continued, “We have never heard that Alaska or Australia was the homeland of the Jewish people. It’s the Arab people who exceeded their borders in order to establish the so-called Islamic Arab World, at the expense of the Jewish nation.”

Obviously, her comments were not welcomed by most of the listeners on the radio show, who were mainly Muslim, and many took to Facebook to denounce Mezzane, as they have in the past, for her calls of support for Kurds and other indigenous non-Arabs.

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