These Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Stuck In Furniture Prove Only Cats Are Flexible

Cats may be the master of space manipulation, and are able to fit into any tiny crevice with ease. However, the same can’t be said about dogs. Dogs are rather clumsy and awkward with man-made things, be it containers or furniture. They have been designed by nature to roam free and run amok, not be cooped up in homes — that’s a job for cats. However, more often than not, dogs too get curious about their surroundings and decide to explore and investigate. These photos of dogs getting stuck in furniture will prove that dogs just can’t ape cats.

The Rather Unergonomic Neck Pillow

[Image Credit | Imgur]

Can't Find The Damn Remote

[Image Credit | Blonde Ponytail]

Must. Clean. Dishes

[Image Credit | Sucedioenpolonia]

I Am Not Stuck, I Am Comfortable

[Image Credit | Cats Mob]

Ever Seen A Dog In Meditation? Now You Have

[Image Credit | Imgur]

That's An Odd Way To Fill The Gap

[Image Credit | Pics To Pin]

Too Tired To Exercise

[Image Credit | Reddit]

That's A Weird Way To Use A Stool

[Image Credit | Modernica]

Gives A New Meaning To 'Stuffed' Furniture

[Image Credit | Reddit]

That Is Not How You Use The Stool

[Image Credit | Flickr]

Wonder What Show The Dog Is Watching

[Image Credit | Onedio]

Well, The Master Said Sit

[Image Credit | Imgur]

Actually It Was Very Cold And The Couch Was Toasty

[Image Credit | Imgur]

How Did Get Stuck Like That?

[Image Credit | Imgur]

Foot In Mouth. This Dog Literally Has One

[Image Credit | City Dogs]

Admit It. You Have Done This When Trying To Grab Something, While Relaxing On The Couch

[Image Credit | Imgur]

The Couch Seats Had An Uncomfortable Gap. But Now Its Fixed

[Image Credit | Image Shack]

Dogs and furniture clearly do not mix. They shed a lot, take up a lot of space, and overall leave the place in a mess. Is that why men love dogs?

[Featured Image Credit | Acid Cow]