Wife Of Alan Henning Pleads For ISIS To ‘See It In Their Hearts’ And Release Husband

The wife of Alan Henning, the British taxi driver who was captured and held hostage by ISIS in Syria late last year, issued a plea to the terrorist group to let her husband go.

Barbara Henning released a statement earlier today, in which she describes Alan as “a peaceful, selfless man who left his family and his job as a taxi driver in the UK to drive in a convoy all the way to Syria with his Muslim colleagues and friends to help those most in need.” Henning was abducted in December of last year while “driving an ambulance full of food and water to be handed out to anyone in need,” according to his wife. Alan, a father of two, was traveling with an aid convoy and had already been to Syria with the convoy three times prior to his abduction.

“I cannot see how it could assist any State’s cause to allow the world to see a man like Alan dying,” Mrs. Henning’s message reads. Alan Henning is one of a number of British and American hostages currently being held by ISIS, and his wife’s plea comes weeks after the mother of American hostage James Foley issued a statement calling for the release of her son. A day after the statement was released, Foley was executed.

Henning shot a video while in Syria, in which he explained his reasons for doing the work he traveled such a long way to do. “It’s all worthwhile when you see what is needed actually gets where it needs to go,” the 47 year-old said. A day later, he was taken hostage by ISIS.

Mrs. Henning’s plea comes just days after an open letter was published by over 100 Muslim leaders calling for Alan’s immediate release. “In Islam, concern for fellow humans and the duty to help everyone is a religious obligation. Anyone undertaking a humanitarian act is paving his or her way to receive help from heaven,” the letter states. “In contrast, the senseless kidnapping and despicable threats to Mr. Henning cannot be justified.”

Barbara says that she has made numerous attempts to contact Alan’s captors to no avail. “I have been trying to communicate with the Islamic State and the people holding Alan. I have sent some really important messages but they have not been responded to. I pray that the people holding Alan respond to my messages and contact me before it is too late.”

“When they hear this message I implore the people of the Islamic State to see it in their hearts to release my husband Alan Henning.”

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