The First Rule Of California’s Taco Bell ‘Fight Club’ Is …

Taco Bell is the place for all things Mexican-American. Well, at least, as far as food goes. Though their popularity seems to show no sign of waning, even they had to shake things up a bit. Breakfast was Taco Bell’s first foray into the unknown to remain competitive. Then, most recently, Taco bell became U.S. Taco Inc.

The Inquisitr recently reported on this four-star adventure.

“Just when you thought their breakfast competition menu was the most interesting development in the Taco Bell universe, they have opened the first “upscale” off-shoot to compete with the likes of Chipotle and other similar restaurants. Welcome to US Taco Co. The Taco Bell off-shoot was announced as early as April of this year.”

These are all common moves for restaurants such as Taco Bell, but the question is always “What’s next?” Well, the first rule is,that you are not suppose to talk about it. The second rule is that you are not suppose to talk about it. The third rule is…

For those of you who have not guessed it, there is a California Taco Bell chapter of Fight Club, has opened up. Well, sort of. Unlike the movie variant of the story, this quasi real life Fight Club at Taco Bell has changed the hours of the business. CBS San Francisco reported on the incident in California.

The Antioch Taco Bell has been experiencing an unusual amount of high school fights that seem to keep breaking out inside the store. One student who witnessed one of the fights spoke to CBS San Francisco, and described the situation.

“At school you get suspended or something for that, and if you’re not at school you go to the plaza and fight and get away with it.”

These Fight Clubs, so-to-speak, have forced the Antioch Taco Bell to have specific periods of time that the dining room must be closed. The sign below was posted to reflect the change.

Antioch Taco bell Closed hours

Prior to the sign, a written statement explained that the change was “temporary” and for the “health and safety of customers and employees.” According to ABC 7, a nearby McDonald’s in the same plaza has also done the same.

Reports have indicated that police are doing a “show of force” by placing more patrols in the area, but say their jurisdiction is limited. However, they have made one recent arrest for someone who was jaywalking.

In regards to the Fight Club issues at the Taco Bell, the police say that it is an “intermittent problem, that has come and gone for years.” Charges that have come up during this time period have included battery, assault, and drug possession.

According to ABC 7, police Chief Allan Cantando suggested that the property owners of the plaza that houses the Taco Bell should be dealing with the problem.

“The property owner has a responsibility to makes sure their customers and people on their property are safe.”

However, the chief does not feel that the plaza owner is keeping customers safe.

[Images Via The Consumerist, Schmoesnow, And Wikimedia Commons]

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